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Prof. Barkin is a cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on Indonesia and Southeast Asia. His work has focused on mass media, religion, and nationalism, and now explores the intersections of study abroad and neoliberalism.

With research in planetary astronomy, space technology, and the solar system, Prof. Bates teaches and presents widely on space exploration, the search for alien life, and astronomical phenomena.

Prof. Behling¿s interests are in late 19-century through 21st-century literature of the U.S., as well as literature and medicine, the health humanities, journalism, and science writing.

(On Leave 2023-2024)

Teaching courses in theoretical mathematics, such as algebraic topology and applied statistics, Prof. Bernhard enjoys researching the connections among seemingly unrelated topics, such as geometry and probability theory.

As a developmental psychologist, Prof. Beyer teaches a variety of psych classes at all levels. Much of his research focuses on language comprehension, particularly in people whose first language isn't English.