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Prof. Warning teaches development economics and  econometrics, while focusing his research in the areas of impact evaluation methods and rural poverty in developing countries.

A pediatric occupational therapist, Prof. Watling specializes on sensory processing and behavior, sensory-based OT intervention, and issues related to services for children with autism spectrum disorders.

(On Leave Fall 2023)

Prof. Weinberger teaches courses on U.S. foreign policy, international security, constitutional law, and more. His research centers on congressional-executive war powers in the ongoing armed conflict against al Qaeda.

Prof. Weinstein conducts research in algebraic geometry, a field that uses equations to study shapes, and enjoys teaching a variety of courses in theoretical mathematics.

Prof. Weiss teaches a broad range of biology courses covering ecology, animal communication, science and gender, and more. Her research centers on behavior and microbial ecology.

Prof. Weisz has published extensively on social perception, stereotyping, stigma, racism, and homelessness. She teaches primarily upper-division courses and serves on the leadership team of the Race and Pedagogy Institute.