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Prof. Hamel seeks to spread awareness and appreciation of the complexity involved in teaching and student learning. He teaches both curriculum and instruction courses, with a focus on literacy.

Prof. Hannaford's research focuses on neurobiology, specifically the circuits and behaviors of nervous cells. She teaches a variety of biology classes at all levels.

Prof. Hanson is interested in the teaching of culture and use of technology in language classes. He developed Puget Sound's accelerated first-year Spanish course and teaches at both the 100 and 200 level.

Prof. Hanson utilizes an experimental approach to his research on the interactions between proteins and their ligands or substrates, focusing on substrate synthesis and analogs used in binding and enzymatic studies.

Prof. Hastings's research investigates physical therapy interventions for neurologic patients. She specializes in spinal cord injuries and wheelchair prescription, in addition to having a clinical practice.