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Prof. MacBain teaches and researches 19th-century American and Native American literature. She focuses on the writings of women, both in memoir and diary form.

A chamber musician and recitalist, Prof. MacRae teaches classes in both cello and chamber music, is a member of the Puget Sound Piano Trio, and serves as a member of the artist faculty at Brevard Music Center.

Prof. Madlung is interested in evolutionary biology, genome structure, and plant genetics. His teaching ranges from plant physiology classes to molecular biology.

Prof. Marcavage specializes in printmaking and teaches a variety of classes on various print media techniques, including lithography, etching, relief, and more, plus experimental, photo-mechanical and digitally augmented methods.

Teaching both introductory and upper-level courses, Prof. Martin conducts research with undergraduate students on bacterial predators, symbioses, and microbe-microbe interactions.

Prof. Matthews has published four books, including Colin Powell: Imperfect Patriot and The Art of Command. He teaches courses in leadership and American history, and is currently writing a new book, Bad Generals!