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(On Leave Fall 2023)

An urban and regional economist, Prof. Rajbhandari studies the policy implications of energy booms on local and regional economies with a particular focus on migration, occupations, and job growth.?

Prof. Ramakrishnan teaches high-level biology and neuroscience courses while focusing research on sensory-motor integration, developmental biology, and neuroendocrinology.

A licensed mental health counselor, board-certified counselor and school counselor, Prof. Ratliff teaches graduate counseling courses and supervising school and mental health counseling interns.

Prof. Reich teaches courses such as Sports Law and Dispute Resolution. His research explores the impact of the internet on the American jury system, professional and amateur athletics, and more.

Prof. Reinitz is an expert in memory errors, attention, and visual perception, with teaching and research in areas including memory, sensation, perception, and cognitive neuroscience.

In addition to physics classes, Prof. Rex teaches in the Honors and Science, Technology, Health, and Society programs, covering topics such as science in modern warfare, mechanics and thermodynamics, and more.