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With a focus on immigration, Prof. Jacobson and has published numerous articles and chapters. She teaches on a variety of topics within the context of U.S. politics, including religion, state politics, and race.

Prof. Johnson teaches a wide range of biology courses Cell Biology and Biochemical Pathways/Processes, as well as serving as the Faculty Chair for Health Professions Advising.

In research, Prof. Johnson focuses on the history of the life sciences and the relationship between science and religion since the 17th century, with special interest in the naturalist tradition of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Prof. Johnson teaches law and legal studies in business. She has written extensively on the topic and has published monographs, articles, chapters, textbooks, and case studies.

Prof. Joshi's teaching and research both focus on 19th-century British literature and culture, as well as postcolonial literature and film. Her courses include material on Dickens, Bollywood, and gender studies.