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In addition to researching the migration experience, Gabriel García Márquez's work, and Caribbean female authors, Prof. Lago-Grana teaches Latin American and U.S. Latina/o literature and Spanish culture/language classes.

Prof. Lanctot's teaching ranges from interdisciplinary classes in Latin American studies and English to Hispanic studies, as a whole. He investigates 19th-century Latin American cultural production, including photography and populism.

Prof. Latimer's research interests primarily lie in nuclear and particle theory, with an emphasis on neutrino phenomenology, and in novel ways to assess the particle properties of dark matter.

In both his teaching and his research, Prof. Lear focuses on cultural politics, social movements, gender, Mexico, Chile, and Cuba. He has published a book about art and labor in Mexico.

With research focused on end-of-life decision-making by ethnic minority immigrants, Prof. Lee teaches courses in both the religious studies department and Bioethics Program.

Prof. Leuchtenberger is currently researching the first representations of Japan in the West.  She teaches all levels of Japanese language and classes on Japanese literature in translation.