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Prof. Nakos has experience with fieldwork education, community advocacy and service delivery, and graduate student mentorship. She has clinical experience in inpatient rehabilitation with spinal cord injuries, skilled nursing settings, and more.

Prof. Neighbors teaches classes on Chinese and Japanese history. She is the author of a book on homicide law in China, and she serves as Associate Editor for the journal Modern China.

(On Leave Spring 2024)

In the lab, Prof. Neshyba and his students study the interaction of water and light and the molecular dynamics of ice crystals to better understand how ice crystal-forming clouds modulate Earth's climate.

Prof. Nguyen is a financial and sustainability accounting expert. Her research interests are accounting & business education and accounting technologies.

Prof. Norvell has over 26 years of clinical experience primarily working in adult outpatient orthopedics specializing in hand therapy, but she has also worked in skilled nursing facilities, home health, and in-patient acute care.

Prof. Nowak is a cultural anthropologist currently working on a book project about the "intertwinings" of her biography, ethnic history and memories, research interests, and the impact of her life experience.