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Most of Prof. Tepper¿s research involves geochemistry, often related to the study of igneous rocks in the Pacific Northwest and lake sediments as recorders of environmental history.

In his research, Prof. Thines uses molecular genetic and functional genomic approaches to understand how plant cells respond to environmental stress. He teaches biology at all levels.

Dr. Thompson teaches in the undergraduate education studies minor and the MAT program. She is interested in the social and political contexts that inform how we think about teaching and learning and the complex process of becoming a teacher.

Prof. Tiehen teaches a wide range of courses and focuses his research on the philosophy of mind, consciousness, causation, and rationality.

A specialist in chemical biology and sustainable nanotechnology, Prof. Tollefson has published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and teaches intro-level chemistry courses.

A widely published scholar and author, Prof. Hale focuses her research in early American literature, with emphasis on the American gothic, the early novel, pedagogical practices, and the early Republic.