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In both teaching and research, Prof. Sackman examines Native American, Western, Pacific Northwest, and environmental history. He has authored numerous books and teaches first-year seminars and advanced classes.

A certified translator for the Spanish government, Prof. Sanchis conducts research on curriculum design and the acquisition of a second language.

Prof. Sampen, violin is a concerto soloist, recitalist and chamber musician. She is deeply committed to teaching and mentoring the next generation of string students and chamber musicians.

Prof. Saucedo's research on cell growth and division identifies new genes and mechanisms involved in an organism's growth, which are often subverted to contribute to cancer in adults. She teaches biology courses at all levels.

Prof. Scharrer's research focuses on the synthesis and analysis of new organic liquid crystals, the compounds used in a variety of displays for watches, calculators, and computers.

Prof. Naveira examines the intersections of gender, postcolonialism, and peripheral nationalism with the context of memory politics in contemporary Spain.