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Prof. Gardner's work as a sociocultural anthropologist focuses on the Gulf States of the Arabian Peninsula. He has completed an extensive amount of fieldwork and teaches a variety of anthropology classes.

Prof. Gessel's research interests include analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and non-covalent interactions. She teaches mainly upper-level courses.

Teaching introductory classes and courses in linear algebra, Prof. Gibson's primary research interests include algebra and topology.

(On Leave Fall 2023)

With research specializing in U.S. immigration, the history of Latinos in the U.S., and public history, Prof. Gomez teaches a variety of courses on U.S. and Latin American history.

Prof. Gray serves a dual role as Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of Clinical education, guiding student preparation for clinical practice via experiences in the PT on-site clinic and full-time internships.

Prof. Grinstead's research focuses on the application of structural and biophysical techniques, with an emphasis on the dynamics, thermodynamics, structure, and kinetics of protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions.