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With a special interest in controversial novels written after 1900, Prof. Carroll is currently at work on a project that examines the alt-right and racial dimensions of science fiction.

Prof. Chambers develops algorithms that try to understand and generate human language in various ways.

Prof. Chiu works on problems in large-scale data processing and cloud computing. He enjoys teaching project-based courses in the introductory sequence, databases, and operating systems.

Prof. Christoph focuses her research on how personal identities are transmuted through the lenses of language and literacy. She teaches courses on literacy and culture, rhetoric, and composition.

Prof. Claire's courses focus on strategic management, organizational behavior, social entrepreneurship, and using hands-on learning with local businesses and nonprofits.

Prof. Clark's research interests lie in the fields of sensation and perception. She teaches a wide variety of psychology classes, covering advanced research methodology, cognition, and more.