Kristin Johnson

Kristin Johnson

Professor, Science, Technology and Society

Kristin Johnson’s research focuses on the history of the life sciences. She authored the book Ordering Life: Karl Jordan and the Naturalist Tradition, a study of how the study of biodiversity and natural history museums have changed since the nineteenth century. In fall 2021, her historical novel The Species Maker, which is a fictional exploration of debates over evolution in the 1920s, will be published by University of Alabama Press. Her current book projects include American Panaceas for Heartache: A History of Science, Religion, and the Problem of Suffering from the Colonial Era to the Scopes Era and Darwin at the Bedside: Child Loss and the History of Evolution. Her recent book projects have all been inspired by the teaching she does in the Science, Technology, and Society Program, where her courses include the following: Evolution and Society Since Darwin; Apes, Angels, and Darwin; Ecological Knowledges: Historical Perspectives; History of Medicine; Evolution and Ethics; Cancer and Society, and Science and Religion: Historical Perspectives.

BA University of Washington 1997
MA Oregon State University 2000
Ph.D Oregon State University 2003
Apes, Angels, and Darwin STS 100-A 2218
Interdisciplinary Study of Sci STS 350-A 2218
Science and Religion STS 370-A 2218
Creationism vs Evolution US SSI2 149-A 2224
Evolution & Society STS 330-A 2224
History of Medicine STS 366-A 2224
Senior Research Seminar in STS STS 480-A 2224

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