Are you considering an evaluation or treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?

Here’s a guide to accessing services on-campus and off.


If you are wondering whether you might have ADHD

  • Schedule a regular counseling appointment at CHWS. Your therapist will talk with you about whether a formal ADHD assessment is needed.

If you want to know if you have a diagnosis of ADHD

  • Schedule an appointment with a psychologist off-campus who conducts formal assessments in this area or at home. Puget Sound does not provide comprehensive testing on campus. CHWS & Center for Writing, Learning & Teaching can assist you with referrals.

If you want to talk about how your ADHD affects your academics, relationships, self-esteem, identity, etc.

  • Make a regular counseling appointment at CHWS. These and other issues are excellent topics to address in therapy.

If you are already on medication for ADHD and need a local medical provider to maintain your prescription

  • Have a record of your diagnosis, treatment plan, and current medications sent to CHWS. Once those have arrived, schedule a 30-minute appointment with a CHWS medical provider who will evaluate whether we can provide medication management during your time at Puget Sound.

If you do not have a prior ADHD diagnosis and hope for treatment with prescription medication

  • See a psychiatrist in this area or your home town. Puget Sound does not provide the specialized and extensive psychiatric evaluation necessary to initiate this treatment. CHWS and Center for Writing, Learning & Teaching are available to help you with community provider referrals.