Mandatory Immunization

Incoming students MUST have two rubeola, one rubella, one mumps immunization, or two MMRs (measles, mumps, and rubella) PLUS a primary COVID vaccine series and a COVID booster to satisfy the immunization requirement. Vaccines are required in college communities due to the residential living experience which can encourage the spread of contagious illnesses.

You must upload copies of the official documentation to the CHWS communication portal. When you are in the communication portal, please complete the health history, upload your insurance card, and opt in to text messaging in the Profile section if you would like text reminders for future appointments if/when scheduled in CHWS.

In addition to the required immunizations, a current Tetanus booster is also recommended as well as the Meningitis A and B vaccines. Following the American College Health Association’s advice, the university recommends that college students consider vaccination to reduce the risk of this potentially fatal disease.