Mandatory Immunization

To register for classes, all newly enrolling students MUST have two rubeola, one rubella, one mumps immunization, or two MMRs (measles, mumps, and rubella) to satisfy this requirement. These immunizations must have been given after November 1, 1968, and on or after the first birthday. This applies to all students born after January 1, 1957. Measles has been a problem in the Pacific Northwest, and cases have been reported at two universities in areas in the past five years.

You must obtain health care provider verification of your immunization status or provide copies of the official documentation, such as pediatric, school, military, or travel records, to prove immunity. This information can be documented by your health care provider on our medical history form (see link below), or copies of records can be attached to the form for our medical staff to screen and record.

In addition to these required immunizations, a current Tetanus booster is also recommended.

Another vaccine you might wish to consider is the meningococcal vaccine, which has recently received National media coverage. Following the American College Health Association's advice, the university recommends that college students consider vaccination to reduce the risk of this potentially fatal disease.

Please consult with your private health care provider for immunization before you arrive on campus.