Shelly Norvell

Shelly Norvell

Clinical Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Prof. Shelly Norvell has over 26 years of clinical experience working in adult rehabilitation settings to include outpatient orthopedics specializing in hand therapy, skilled nursing facilities, home health, and in-patient acute care. She enjoys using her vast clinical experience to create authentic and applicable learning experiences in the classroom. Prof. Norvell is passionate about the occupational therapist’s role in the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases and is a board certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional (DipACLM) through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She applies her specialized training to develop learning experiences which emphasizes wellness and health promotion—the core principles within the occupational therapy profession.

Following two years of serving as an adjunct faculty member in the School of Occupational Therapy in various roles, Prof. Norvell joined the program full time in the fall of 2021 and is currently teaching in the Adult Rehabilitation series. She also serves as the Faculty Advisor for Prospective Students and Admissions for the School of Occupational Therapy.

The Puget Sound Experience

“I feel it is imperative that the emerging occupational therapist is equipped to enter the field of occupational therapy as a compassionate and knowledgeable health care provider who possesses the skills to think critically and ethically. I especially enjoy utilizing my experiences in the clinic setting to bring real-life scenarios into the classroom and challenge students to make connections between academic instruction, evidence, and practice. The faculty in the department of occupational therapy work closely together to collaborate and scaffold learning opportunities for their students across the curriculum. I find that teaching at a private liberal arts university creates a holistic and student-centered experience that aligns closely with the foundation of occupational therapy principles and values.”

Scholarly Interests

  • Injury prevention and wellness in the occupational therapist population.
  • Multidisciplinary inter-professional collaboration and building positive healthcare team relationships to improve client-centered care.
  • Incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) with the OT student population to create an equitable and accessible learning environment.
  • The occupational therapist’s role in Lifestyle Medicine to prevent/reverse chronic disease.

Personal Interests

In her free time Shelly enjoys cycling, travel, attending live music and theater performances, hiking the trails of the Pacific Northwest, reading, watching sports of all kinds, and walking her energetic rescue Doberman.

AA Winona State University 1993
BSOT Virginia Commonwealth University 1995
OTD Chatham University 2021
OT Process with Adults II OT 647-A Spring 2024
OT Population Health Promotion OT 724-A Spring 2024
OT Process with Adults II OT 747-A Spring 2024
OT Process with Adults I OT 645-A Fall 2024
OT Process with Adults I OT 745-A Fall 2024

Contact Information

Weyerhaeuser 208