Allie Nagurney

Allie Nagurney

Visiting Assistant Professor, Geology

Allie Nagurney is a geologist who studies metamorphic rocks, or rocks that recrystallize under elevated pressure and temperature conditions in the Earth's crust. Specifically, her research focuses on understanding how the orientation and distribution of minerals in metamorphic rocks control i) the crystallization of new minerals in the crust and ii) fluid flow in rocks. To accomplish this, she combines field work, textural and compositional analysis of rocks, and computer modeling. She is also interested in using metamorphic rocks to understand how tectonic plates collided millions of years ago. This work is mainly done in the Appalachian Mountains and her current field sites are in Nova Scotia and North Carolina. Her work has been published in Scientific Reports, Journal of Structural Geology, and American Mineralogist.


BS Lafayette College 2016
Ph.D Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2021

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