Registration Information

Registration week for the Fall 2018  term will be April 2 - 6.   Registration times are assigned according to class standing, and number of units completed.  You can begin registering at your assigned time and continue to make changes to your schedule until 11:59pm on April 6.  From April 7 - 15 registration is closed. Open registration is April 16, - August 16, 2018. To see additional information about Fall 2018 registration deadlines please use this link: Registration Deadlines

Prior to registering you should sign into your student portal through and do the following:

  • Review the "To Do List" section.  All students are required to complete the Terms and Conditions/Emergency contact process each term.
  • Review the Holds section. If you have holds,  select the details arrow, then select the link to see if the hold prevents registration.   Contact the specific department for information on any action you must take. All students must resolve any registration holds before registering.
  • If you are an undergraduate student you must meet with your advisor prior to your registration time to discuss your course selection and have your Advisor Registration service indicator released.
  • To prepare for the advisor meeting, review your Academic Requirements report. This tutorial is provided for your assistance:


How Do I Wait-list a Class?

During Registration Week and Open Registration, students may wait-list up to two closed courses. (The wait-list is not available during Freshmen Registration nor during the Add Period.)  To add yourself to a wait-list you must check the wait-list ok box as you are adding the course to your shopping cart. If you find a class has closed after you added it to your shopping cart, re-select the course from your cart and check the wait-list ok box.  A course that is being wait-listed will have an enrollment status of waiting.  The list view of the your schedule will show the position number on the wait-list.

Students can use the Manage My Wait-list feature to automatically be dropped from a registered class  if space becomes available in the wait-listed class.  To set up your preference, choose the "Manage My Wait-list" tab in your Student Center and follow the instructions on the page. Please note that setting a preference for the wait-listed course does not guarantee that you will get a spot in the class.   If you do not take steps to manage your wait-list, you could be skipped and the available spot will be given to the next student. You should use the Manage My Wait-list feature if:

  • The wait-listed course will place your schedule in an overload (you may have up to 4.25 academic units plus .50 activity units at no additional tuition cost). If you intend to be in an overload please contact the Registrar's Office for additional assistance.
  • You are already registered for a different section of the same course.
  • There is a time conflict with the course you are registered for and the course you are wait-listing.

Once wait-listed, be alert for email messages sent to wait-listed students.

How do I search for Core, and Interdisciplinary Courses?

In Search for Classes, there is a Course Attribute field that allows you to search for Core classes, activity classes, new courses, courses within Interdisciplinary Programs and study-abroad classes (for Puget Sound programs such as Pac-Rim). To search for all classes satisfying a specific Core category, choose Core in the Course Attribute field and the specific category (e.g., Connections) in the Course Attribute Value field.  To search for courses that are included in an Interdisciplinary Program, select  Interdisciplinary Program in the Course Attribute field and the specific program (e.g. African American Studies) in the Course Attribute Value field.

How do i take a class pass/fail?

Juniors and seniors may select the pass/fail grading option for one academic course per term,  and up to a total of four courses within the undergraduate degree. The pass/fail grade option cannot be selected for courses taken to fulfill core or graduation requirements.  Courses within the department of the student's major or minor cannot be taken pass/fail.

To register “Pass/Fail” for a graded course, you must take the following steps:

  1. Register for the course as “graded.”
  2. Read the information about the pass/fail grade policy (p14 of the Academic Handbook 2017-18 ed).
  3. Go to the Office of the Registrar before the end of the add period to register your preference for pass/fail grading.

How do I declare my major/minor or change my advisor?

To your change advisor or change/declare a major or minor, you must complete the Change of Major, Minor, and Advisor Form and submit it to the Office of Academic Advising in Howarth 114. See more information on declaring a major/minor or selecting an advisor