The audit allows the student to register for a course without grade or credit. Full-time students, alumni with a Puget Sound degree, law school alumni who graduated August 1994 or earlier, and members of the University of Puget Sound Women's League may audit without tuition charge, one class per term, with a maximum of two classes per academic year.  This includes the Summer Session.  Students who do not fit the categories listed above may audit regularly scheduled classes on a space-available basis at one-half the regular tuition fee.  Auditors must pay all applicable class instruction fees.

Audit registration opens on the first day of the term and continues through the last day to add.  Audit registrations are not confirmed until the day after the end of the add period to ensure that space is available for students taking the course for credit. Students registered as auditors may participate in a class within the conditions specified by the instructor.  The instructor has the authority to withdraw an auditor for non-attendance or when participation or the lack thereof detracts from the progress of the other students taking the course, and, in the judgement of the instructor, the posting of an audit on the permanent academic record is not warranted.  Withdrawal from an audited course will not appear on the transcript. 

Current students can submit an add/drop form with appropriate signatures by visiting the Registrar's Office in Jones Hall, room 013, or send email correspondence including instructor permission to the Registrar's Office at To audit during the summer term, current students must be full time during that term.  Students on study abroad may audit a course only if they are full-time in the study abroad program, carrying at least 3.00 units.

Alumni, and all others who would like to audit can submit a Non-matriculant Registration Agreement Form with appropriate signatures to the Registrar's Office at   An active Logger Card may be required to enter some buildings. If you have not previously been issued a card, or cannot locate your card, please contact

An instructor reserves the right to refuse an auditor. The following courses are not available for any student to audit:

  • Any SSI1 or SSI2 First-Year Seminar
  • Independent Study, Directed Research, or Junior/Senior Research courses
  • Senior Thesis or graduate/undergraduate project courses
  • A Laboratory, Fieldwork, or Clinic
  • Internship, Co-Operative Education, or Practicum courses
  • Applied Music courses
  • Any course numbered 495, 496, 497, 498, 499, 695, 696, 697, 698, or 699.
  • AFAM 401
  • ARTH 372
  • ASIA 350
  • BIOE 392
  • BIOL 376
  • EDUC 613, 622
  • EXLN 350, 351
  • EXSC 327, 336
  • HIST 400
  • HON 211
  • HUM 315
  • IPE 191
  • MUS 109, 309, 422
  • PHYS108
  • REL 303, 320
  • STAF 150, 151, 250, 251
  • THTR 490