The University of Puget Sound may grant lower division credit for a student's results on an Advanced Placement (AP) Examination. The university's goal in granting credit for AP Exams is to award students a fair amount of credit for their advanced study in high school; to ensure that students are placed in the next appropriate course, should they continue to study in that discipline; and to direct students into courses that will supplement their academic achievement in high school.

Exam credit counts toward the 16 unit transfer credit maximum allowed toward an undergraduate degree. Exam credit may apply as elective credit or toward a major/minor. 

Note: If a student who has received credit for an examination result takes the equivalent course at Puget Sound, that student's exam credit will be replaced by university credit (this is considered a repeat). In addition, some departments place special conditions on AP examination results in order for them to be applied toward a major or minor.

Use the links below to view the details regarding specific score requirements, credit awards, and course exemptions for each examination.

2023 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2023 matriculants)

2022 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2022 matriculants)

2021 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2021 matriculants)

2020 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2020 matriculants)

2019 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2019 matriculants)

2018 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2018 matriculants)

2017 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2017 matriculants)

2016 AP Exam Policy (effective for Fall 2016 matriculants)