Below are the steps you must take to have courses from a study abroad program evaluated for the degree at the University of Puget Sound:

  1. Select a University of Puget Sound study abroad program. Only courses completed on Puget Sound approved programs are eligible to transfer to the degree. When selecting a program, consult with International Programs staff, the International Programs website and other resources available in their office (Howarth 215). Check also with your faculty advisor and any department resources pertinent to study abroad.

  2. You must be approved as a study abroad student. To apply for approval, submit the Puget Sound Application form found at the International Programs Office website. The form is due on January 25 for the following summer or academic year of study abroad.

  3. As part of your application with International Programs, list the classes you would like evaluated for transfer to the Puget Sound degree. If the study abroad program does not have a schedule listed for the semester you plan to be abroad, you can use their most recently offered courses as a guideline.

    You must meet with your major advisor prior to submitting the application described in Step 2 above. If you have two majors, you should meet with both faculty advisors. If you hope to earn minor credit abroad, please check with the department chair of that minor department to be sure you have selected an appropriate study abroad program. The advisor’s role in study abroad planning is essential to a successful study abroad experience. Please see handout: The Role of the Advisor in Study Abroad (PDF).

    You must have all majors, minors, and interdisciplinary emphases that you plan to complete on your academic record. (You can declare or change your academic plans at the Academic Advising Office in Howarth 114. Please also refer to the Academic Advising website.) If you are unsure whether or not you will be able to complete a second major or a minor, you can drop the major or minor at a later date. In order to receive an accurate evaluation of study abroad courses, you will need your academic plan entered in into PeopleSoft on your Advisement Report.

  4. The Transfer Evaluator will review your proposed courses and determine whether and how each course will transfer to your degree requirements, following university transfer credit policies. Frequently, he will need to consult with academic departments if you hope to earn major or minor credit abroad. He may ask you to provide a course syllabus to make a final transfer determination. Upon your return, you may also need to submit the textbook and completed assignments for review as the basis of the final transfer credit evaluation.

  5. The Transfer Evaluator will email you when your courses have been evaluated and schedule an appointment with you to review the transfer determination for each class. At this appointment, the Evaluator will give you a copy of the completed Study Abroad Course Evaluation form and a copy of your Advisement Report that will show how the approved courses apply to core, upper-division, foreign language, major, or minor requirements, or if they transfer simply as elective credits. He will review with you the degree requirements you will likely need to complete following your study abroad and registration procedures for UPS classes while you are abroad. (Note: For students studying abroad during summer, the Evaluator will email you a copy of your evaluation packet. If you wish to discuss the evaluation in person, the Evaluator is available to schedule an appointment.)

  6. You may need additional courses evaluated after your meeting with the Evaluator. If you learn of new courses later, or when you arrive at your study abroad site, email the Evaluator with the course number and titles of any new courses not yet evaluated. To the extent possible, please do not register for any courses unless you know whether and how the course will apply to your degree. Not all courses are transferable from study abroad programs and universities. If you are on site, your evaluation request is first priority, and he will try to provide a transfer determination within a couple of work days.

  7. Be sure to request from your study abroad program an official transcript to be sent to this address upon completion of the program:

    Office of the Registrar
    University of Puget Sound
    1500 N. Warner Street #1034
    University of Puget Sound
    Tacoma Washington 98416-1034

    It is the student’s responsibility to have the transcript sent to Puget Sound.

  8. After your official transcript arrives, the Transfer Evaluator will apply your approved courses to your academic record at Puget Sound, and then email you confirmation that this has happened.