What college can I attend?
Courses must be taught by a regionally accredited or similarly qualified institution of higher education. Most public (state) colleges and universities have the appropriate accreditation.

Can I transfer core classes from another college?
Yes. Only the Connections Core and the second Seminar in Scholarly Inquiry (SSI2) must be completed at Puget Sound. All others are transferable, though strict policies are governing what courses qualify from other institutions. It is rare for the first Seminar in Scholarly Inquiry (SSI1) to be approved by other colleges.

For all core classes transferred from other colleges, the course must be equivalent to a class approved for the core at Puget Sound. Use this link to view the list of Puget Sound core classes: www.pugetsound.edu/academics/core-curriculum.

Only courses taught in traditional classroom settings qualify. Distance learning or hybrid methods of teaching are not permitted.

For the Natural Scientific Approaches Core, the course must be equivalent to one of the courses approved for the core requirement at Puget Sound and include a laboratory component.

Can I complete the Foreign Language Requirement at another college?
Yes. Only courses taught in traditional classroom settings qualify. Distance learning or hybrid methods of teaching are not permitted.

The foreign language course must be equivalent to the 101-102 college level. You will need the first two semesters of the foreign language at semester-based colleges or the first semester of intermediate. You will need the first 3 quarters of the foreign language or the first quarter of intermediate at a quarter-based college.

Foreign languages not taught at Puget Sound are also eligible, as well as American Sign Language. Your specific courses must be approved on the Transfer Evaluation Request form by the Assistant Registrar for Academic Records Evaluation.

Can I transfer distance learning (e.g., online) courses?
Yes. Up to 4 units of distance learning are allowed in the Puget Sound degree. Distance learning is normally transferred as elective credit.

The university core, upper-division, and foreign language proficiency requirements must be completed in a traditional classroom setting.

Most majors and minors require traditional classroom teaching formats also, but there are a few exceptions. You must submit the syllabus to evaluate a distance learning course for major or minor credit. The syllabus may also be required to evaluate a distance learning course for elective credit.

Can I repeat a course taken at the University of Puget Sound and transfer that from another college?
Yes, but the proposed transfer course must be approved by the department which taught the course at Puget Sound. The Assistant Registrar for Evaluation will check with the department on your behalf when you submit the Transfer Evaluation Request form. Please check the repeat policy in the Academic and Administrative Policies section of the Bulletin.

Will transfer courses and grades be listed on my Puget Sound transcript?
No. Only Puget Sound courses and grades are recorded on the University of Puget Sound transcript. When applying to graduate schools or completing job applications, you will need to have all colleges you have attended issue a transcript.

Your transfer grades will be included in the major or minor GPA, if applicable, on the Advisement Report. Transfer grades will also be included in the cumulative GPA on the Advisement Report.

I’m a senior. Can I transfer courses taken during or before my senior year?
Students are required to complete 6 of their last 8 units in residence. If you take courses in the summer before your senior year, plan on taking at least 6 units at Puget Sound after completing the summer classes.

How long does it take to get my course evaluated?
It depends on when you submit your Transfer Evaluation Request form. Many students are submitting requests in April and May, and it may take a few weeks to have your request completed. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks .

When can I submit my request for transfer credit?
Submit your request as soon as you know what courses are being offered at the college you plan to attend. Do not submit a request unless you know the requested course is scheduled for the term you plan to attend. The schedule must be published on the college’s website before the evaluation can be completed.

I forgot to get my course approved before enrolling. Is it too late to have it transfer to my degree at Puget Sound?
Courses can be approved after the course begins or after the course is completed. However, it is best to know prior to enrolling whether and how your course will apply to your degree requirements.

Please refer to the Bulletin for other transfer credit policies.