John W. Slipp, 1940

"Purpose of Present Report. The work reported on at this time is not to be regarded as a final product, but rather as a basic outline-report, which, it is hoped, will be of value to others as well as to the author in the further development of the natural history of the area. While the number of species herein listed is so great as to limit special discussions to a minimum, three of the most numerous groups (the vascular plants, birds, and marine fishes) are at present entirely omitted. As a basic report, however, it is felt desirable that there should be included discussion of the location, limits, climate, topography, and physiography of the area sufficient to define the scope, nature, and significance of the general problem. In addition, the bibliography affords an index to the important literature available, the volume and varied nature of which bear testimony to the surpassing interest of the area for naturalists and scientists throughout the history of the “Caucasian Invasion”. (It is intended by the author that the history of scientific investigation within this area be made the subject of a separate paper in the near future.)” Slipp, J.W. 1940, p. 2.

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Suggested Reference:
Slipp, J.W. 1940. The Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Freshwater Fishes of the Tacoma Area. Misc. Publications of the museum.