Dennis R. Paulson
Puget Sound Museum of Natural History
University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA 98416

Revised 3 October 2011



ZYGOPTERA (damselflies)



Calopteryx aequabilis (River Jewelwing) - streams; 18 Jun-8 Sep known flight season
Archilestes californicus (California Spreadwing) - slow streams, Clearwater River drainage; 2-16 Oct
Lestes congener (Spotted Spreadwing) - ponds and lakes; 26 Jun-15 Oct
L. disjunctus (Northern Spreadwing) - ponds and lakes; 4 Jul-17 Oct
L. dryas (Emerald Spreadwing) - ponds; 29 Jun-23 Aug
L. forcipatus (Sweetflag Spreadwing) - ponds; N panhandle
L. unguiculatus (Lyre-tipped Spreadwing) - ponds; 30 Jun-27 Aug


Amphiagrion abbreviatum (Western Red Damsel) - marshy ponds and slow streams; 1 May-24 Aug
Argia alberta (Paiute Dancer) - marshy streams, S half; 4 Jun-5 Jul
A. emma (Emma's Dancer) - rocky streams; 23 Jun-12 Aug
A. vivida (Vivid Dancer) - streams and seeps; 15 Apr-25 Oct
Coenagrion resolutum (Taiga Bluet) - sedge marshes; 20 Apr-23 Jul
Enallagma anna (River Bluet) - slow streams, S half; 18 Jun-12 Aug
E. annexum (Northern Bluet) - ponds, lakes and slow streams; 4 Jun-27 Aug
E. boreale (Boreal Bluet) - ponds and lakes; 15 Jun-27 Sep
E. carunculatum (Tule Bluet) - lakes; 8 Jul-15 Oct
E. clausum (Alkali Bluet) - alkaline lakes and Snake River, S; 24 Jun-12 Aug
E. ebrium (Marsh Bluet) - marshy ponds, N half; 11 Jun-8 Jul
Ischnura cervula (Pacific Forktail) - ponds, lakes and slow streams; 15 Apr-15 Oct
I. denticollis (Black-fronted Forktail) - ponds and seeps, SW corner; 28 Jun
I. perparva (Western Forktail) - ponds, lakes and slow streams; 4 Jun-17 Oct
Nehalennia irene (Sedge Sprite) – sedgy lakes and ponds, N half; •••

ANISOPTERA (dragonflies)



Aeshna canadensis (Canada Darner) - ponds and lakes, N panhandle
A. constricta (Lance-tipped Darner) - ponds and slow streams, Panhandle; 29 Jul-1 Sep
A. eremita (Lake Darner) - lakes, N panhandle
A. interrupta (Variable Darner) - ponds and lakes; 6 Jun-10 Oct
A. juncea (Sedge Darner) - marshy ponds and bogs, N panhandle
A. palmata (Paddle-tailed Darner) - ponds and lakes; 8 Jul-6 Oct
A. sitchensis (Zigzag Darner) - sedge marshes, N half; 23 Jul
A. tuberculifera (Black-tipped Darner) - bog lakes and ponds, N panhandle
A. umbrosa (Shadow Darner) - ponds, lakes and slow streams; 31 Apr (!)-4 Nov
Anax junius (Common Green Darner) - ponds and lakes; 1 Jun-26 Sep
Rhionaeschna californica (California Darner) - ponds and lakes; 15 Apr-3 Jul
R. multicolor (Blue-eyed Darner) - ponds and lakes; 1 Jun-27 Aug


Erpetogomphus compositus (White-belted Ringtail) - streams, SW corner; 4 Jun-9 Sep
Gomphus externus (Plains Clubtail) - rivers, SE corner; 11 Jul
G. graslinellus (Pronghorn Clubtail) - rivers and lakes, N panhandle
G. kurilis (Pacific Clubtail) - Cascade Lake, Valley Co., 17 Jul
Ophiogomphus occidentis (Sinuous Snaketail) - rivers, Canyon Co.
O. severus (Pale Snaketail) - streams and rivers; 16 May-2 Sep
Progomphus borealis (Gray Sanddragon) - streams, SW corner; 9 Aug
Stylurus olivaceus (Olive Clubtail) - rivers, SE corner; 8-12 Aug


Cordulegaster dorsalis (Pacific Spiketail) - streams, S half



Macromia magnifica (Western River Cruiser) - streams and rivers, SW corner; 24 Jun


Cordulia shurtleffii (American Emerald) - ponds and lakes, N half; 14 May-29 Jun
Epitheca spinigera (Spiny Baskettail) – ponds and lakes, N half; ***
Somatochlora albicincta (Ringed Emerald) - lakes, N panhandle
S. minor (Ocellated Emerald) - slow streams, N half; 8 Jun-25 Jul
S. semicircularis (Mountain Emerald) - marshy bogs and fens, N half; 11 Jun-22 Jul
S. walshii (Brush-tipped Emerald) - marshy bogs, N panhandle


Erythemis collocata (Western Pondhawk) - ponds; 15 Apr-6 Oct
Ladona julia (Chalk-fronted Corporal) - ponds and lakes, N half; 1 Aug
Leucorrhinia glacialis (Crimson-ringed Whiteface - ponds, N half; ***
Leucorrhinia hudsonica (Hudsonian Whiteface) - marshy ponds and fens; 5 Jun-16 Oct
L. intacta (Dot-tailed Whiteface) - ponds and lakes; 1 Jun-4 Aug
L. proxima (Belted Whiteface) - marshy ponds, N half; 1 Jun
Libellula comanche (Comanche Skimmer) - ponds, SW corner; 19-24 Jun
L. forensis (Eight-spotted Skimmer) - ponds and lakes, SW corner; 5 Jun-11 Aug
L. nodisticta (Hoary Skimmer) - ponds and slow streams, SW corner; 12 May-16 Aug
L. pulchella (Twelve-spotted Skimmer) - ponds and lakes; 4 Jun-27 Aug
L. quadrimaculata (Four-spotted Skimmer) - ponds and lakes; 2 Apr-15 Aug
L. saturata (Flame Skimmer) - ponds and slow streams, SW corner; 12 May-9 Sep
Pachydiplax longipennis (Blue Dasher) - marshy ponds and lakes; 24 Jun-6 Oct
Pantala flavescens (Wandering Glider) - ponds, SE corner; 9-12 Aug
P. hymenaea (Spot-winged Glider) - ponds, S half
Plathemis lydia (Common Whitetail) - ponds and lakes; 11 Jun-21 Aug
P. subornata (Desert Whitetail) - ponds and slow streams, SW corner; 8 Jul-9 Sep
Sympetrum corruptum (Variegated Meadowhawk) - ponds and lakes; 7 May-19 Sep
S. costiferum (Saffron-winged Meadowhawk) - ponds and lakes; 6 Jun-27 Aug
S. danae (Black Meadowhawk) - marshy ponds; 6 Jun-27 Aug
S. illotum (Cardinal Meadowhawk) - ponds and lakes, Panhandle; 9 Jul
S. internum (Cherry-faced Meadowhawk) - wet meadows; 3 Jul-Oct
S. madidum (Red-veined Meadowhawk) - marshes, SE corner; 9 Aug
S. obtrusum (White-faced Meadowhawk) - wet meadows; 3 Jul-14 Oct
S. pallipes (Striped Meadowhawk) - ponds and lakes; 5 Jul-3 Oct
S. semicinctum (Band-winged Meadowhawk) - ponds; 19 Jun-16 Oct
S. vicinum (Autumn Meadowhawk) - marshy ponds; 8 Aug-29 Oct
Tramea lacerata (Black Saddlebags) - ponds, S half; 25 Jul

This information is taken primarily from The Odonata of Idaho, an unpublished M.S. thesis by E. R. Logan at the University of Idaho, 1967. Data for Sympetrum danae was taken from a draft copy; the species was not included in the final thesis (although its presence in the key indicates it was intended for inclusion). Additional information is taken from the literature and from specimens examined by D. Paulson.

Species are widespread in the state unless otherwise indicated.