In 2022, the paleontology and geology collections (over 13,000 specimens) at the University of Puget Sound were cataloged, computerized, and imaged by Whitney Worrell, now a PhD candidate at the University of Wyoming. The collections were included in Puget Sound Museum of Natural History (PSM) collections as the new director, Dr. Kena Fox-Dobbs, took the lead in May 2023. A summary of holdings (as of Aug 2023) includes:

Plants    6,975
Invertebrates    3,307
Vertebrates    419
Trace    94
Total    10,795
Rocks    1,586
Minerals    1,303
Total    2,889

Through 2023-24, the collections are available through shared Google Drives (contact as we work to validate and complete records and upload them to an Arctos data portal. The paleo records will then be accessible on iDigBio and GBIF.