This is a draft list produced by Wayne A. Palsson, of the Washington Department of Fisheries, 1 October 1990. It lists all the species recorded from the state as of that time. A simple ecological classification is given for each species, as follows:

  • Demersal: bottom dwelling
  • Intertidal: very shallow waters
  • Nearshore shelf demersal: shallow waters
  • Epidemersal: deeper waters, beyond continental shelf
  • Mesodemersal: still deeper waters
  • Bathydemersal: still deeper waters
  • Estuarine: at river mouths
  • Pelagic: open water dwelling
  • Epipelagic: at and near surface
  • Mesopelagic: midwater
  • Bathypelagic: near bottom
  • Oceanic: associated with warmwater offshore currents
  • Anadromous: ascends into fresh water to breed

Myxinidae: Hagfishes
Eptatretus deani, Black hagfish - meso/bathydemersal
Eptatretus stoutii, Pacific hagfish - epi/mesodemersal

Petromyzontidae: Lampreys
Lampetra ayresii, River lamprey - anadromous
Lampetra tridentata, Pacific lamprey - anadromous

Hexanchidae: Cow Sharks
Hexanchus griseus, Sixgill shark - epi/mesodemersal
Notorynchus cepedianus, Sevengill shark - nearshore shelf demersal

Squalidae: Dogfish Sharks
Somniosus pacificus, Pacific sleeper shark - mesodemersal
Squalus acanthias, Spiny dogfish - epi/mesodemersal

Alopiidae: Thresher Sharks
Alopias vulpinus, Common thresher - epipelagic oceanic

Cetorhinidae: Basking Sharks
Cetorhinus maximus, Basking shark - epipelagic oceanic

Lamnidae: Mackerel Sharks
Carcharodon carcharias, White shark - nearshore shelf pelagic
Isurus oxyrinchus, Bonito shark - nearshore shelf pelagic
Salmon shark Lamna ditropis - nearshore shelf pelagic

Scyliorhinidae: Cat Sharks
Apristurus brunneus, Brown cat shark - epi/mesodemersal

Triakididae: Smoothhounds
Galeorhinus galeus, Soupfin shark - epi/mesopelagic

Carcharhinidae: Requiem Sharks
Prionace glauca, Blue shark - epipelagic oceanic

Squatinidae: Angel Sharks
Squatina californica, Pacific angel shark - nearshore shelf demersal

Rajidae: Skates
Bathyraja kincaidii, Sandpaper skate - epi- to bathydemersal
Bathyraja trachura, Black skate - meso/bathydemersal
Bathyraja abyssicola, Deepsea skate - bathydemersal
Bathyraja rosispinis, Flathead skate - meso/bathydemersal
Bathyraja sp. A, Skate - bathydemersal
Raja binoculata, Big skate - epi/mesodemersal
Raja inornata, California skate - epi- to bathydemersal
Raja rhina, Longnose skate - epi/mesodemersal
Raja stellulata, Starry skate - epi/mesodemersal
Raja sp., Skate - bathydemersal

Torpedinidae: Electric Rays
Torpedo californica, Pacific electric ray - nearshore shelf demersal

Chimaeridae: Chimeras
Hydrolagus colliei, Spotted ratfish - epi/mesodemersal

Acipenseridae: Sturgeons
Acipenser medirostris, Green sturgeon - anadromous
Acipenser transmontanus, White sturgeon - anadromous

Muraenesocidae: Pike Congers
Xenomystax atrarius, Twin-pored eel - epi/mesopelagic

Nettastomatidae: Duckbill Eels
Venefica sp., Duckbill eel - bathypelagic

Nemichthyidae: Snipe Eels
Avocettinops infans, Blackline snipe eel - meso/bathypelagic
Nemichthys scolopaceus, Slender snipe eel - epi- to bathypelagic

Notacanthidae: Spiny Eels
Polyacanthonotus challengeri, Longnose tapirfish - bathydemersal

Clupeidae: Herrings
Alosa sapidissima, American shad - introduced, anadromous
Clupea pallasii, Pacific herring - nearshore shelf pelagic
Sardinops sagax, Pacific sardine - nearshore shelf pelagic

Engraulididae: Anchovies
Engraulis mordax, Northern anchovy - epipelagic oceanic

Cyprinidae: Minnows and Carps
Cyprinus carpio, Common carp - introduced

Argentinidae: Argentines
Nansenia candida, Bluethroat argentine - epi/mesopelagic
Nansenia crassa, Stout argentine - mesopelagic

Bathylagidae: Deepsea Smelts
Bathylagus milleri, Robust blacksmelt - epi/mesopelagic
Bathylagus ochotensis, Popeye blacksmelt - epi/mesopelagic
Bathylagus pacificus, Pacific blacksmelt - epi/mesopelagic

Opisthoproctidae: Spookfishes
Bathylychnops exilis, Javelin spookfish - epi/mesopelagic
Macropinna microstoma, Barreleye - epi/mesopelagic

Alepocephalidae: Slickheads
Alepocephalus tenebrosus, California slickhead - epi- to bathypelagic
Bathylaco nigricans, Slickhead - meso/bathypelagic
Ericara salmoneum, Slickhead - bathypelagic
Narcetes stomias, Slickhead - meso/bathypelagic
Talismania bifurcata, Slickhead - meso/bathypelagic?

Searsiidae: Tubeshoulders
Holtbyrnia latifrons, Tubeshoulder - mesopelagic
Maulisia argipalla, Tubeshoulder - meso/bathypelagic
Sagamichthys abei, Shining tubeshoulder - mesopelagic

Osmeridae: Smelts
Allosmerus elongatus, Whitebait smelt - nearshore shelf pelagic
Hypomesus pretiosus, Surf smelt - nearshore shelf pelagic
Mallotus villosus, Capelin - nearshore shelf pelagic
Spirinchus starksi, Night smelt - nearshore shelf pelagic
Spirinchus thaleichthys, Longfin smelt - anadromous
Thaleichthys pacificus, Eulachon - anadromous

Salmonidae: Trouts and Salmons
Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, Pink salmon - anadromous
Oncorhynchus keta, Chum salmon - anadromous
Oncorhynchus kisutch, Coho (silver) salmon - anadromous
Oncorhynchus nerka, Sockeye (red) salmon - anadromous
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, Chinook (king) salmon - anadromous
Oncorhynchus clarkii, Cutthroat trout - anadromous
Oncorhynchus mykiss, Steelhead - anadromous
Salvelinus malma, Dolly varden - anadromous
Salmo salar, Atlantic salmon - introduced

Gonostomatidae: Bristlemouths
Cyclothone atraria, Bristlemouth - bathypelagic
Cyclothone pallida, Bristlemouth - meso/bathypelagic
Cyclothone pseudopallida, Bristlemouth - meso/bathypelagic
Cyclothone signata, Bristlemouth - mesopelagic

Sternoptychidae: Hatchetfishes
Argyropelecus hemigymnus, Spurred hatchetfish - epi/mesopelagic
Argyropelecus lychnus, Silver hatchetfish - epi- to bathypelagic
Danaphos oculatus, Bottlelights - mesopelagic
Sternoptyx pseudobscura, Hatchetfish - meso/bathypelagic

Chauliodontidae: Viperfishes
Chauliodus macouni, Pacific viperfish - epi- to bathypelagic

Melanostomiidae: Scaleless Black Dragonfishes
Bathophilus flemingi, Highfin dragonfish - meso/bathypelagic
Opostomias mitsuii, Pitgum dragonfish - epi/mesopelagic
Tactostoma macropus, Longfin dragonfish - epi/mesopelagic

Malacosteidae: Loosejaws
Aristostomias scintillans, Shiny loosejaw - epi/mesopelagic

Scopelarchidae: Pearleyes
Benthalbella dentata, Northern pearleye - mesopelagic

Notosudidae: Paperbones
Scopelosaurus harryi, Scaly paperbone - mesopelagic

Synodontidae: Lizardfishes
Synodus lucioceps, California lizardfish - epi/mesodemersal

Paralepididae: Barracudinas
Lestidiops ringens, Slender barracudina - epi- to bathypelagic
Notolepis rissoi, Ribbon barracudina - epi- to bathypelagic
Paralepis atlantica, Duckbill barracudina - epi- to bathypelagic

Anotopteridae: Daggertooths
Anotopterus pharao, Daggertooth - epi/mesopelagic

Alepisauridae: Lancetfishes
Alepisaurus ferox, Longnose lancetfish - epi- to bathypelagic

Myctophidae: Lanternfishes
Protomyctophum crockeri, California flashlightfish - epi/mesopelagic
Protomyctophum thompsoni, No. flashlightfish - epi/mesopelagic
Symbolophorus californiensis, Calif. lanternfish - epi/mesopelagic
Tarletonbeania crenularis, Blue lanternfish - epi/mesopelagic
Ceratoscopelus townsendi, Dogtooth lampfish - epi/mesopelagic
Lampadena urophaos, Sunbeam lampfish - epi/mesopelagic
Lampanyctus jordani, Lampfish - epi/mesopelagic
Lampanyctus regalis, Pinpoint lampfish - epi/mesopelagic
Lampanyctus ritteri, Broadfin lampfish - epi- to bathypelagic
Stenobrachius leucopsarus, Northern lanternfish - epi- to bathypelagic
Diaphus theta, California headlightfish - epi/mesopelagic
Notoscopelus resplendens, Patchwork lampfish - epi/mesopelagic

Moridae: Moras
Antimora microlepis, Pacific flatnose - meso/bathypelagic

Melanonidae: Melanonids
Melanonus zugmayeri, Arrowtail - mesopelagic

Gadidae: Cods
Gadus macrocephalus, Pacific cod - epi- to bathydemersal
Microgadus proximus, Pacific tomcod - epi/mesodemersal
Theragra chalcogramma, Walleye pollock - epi- to bathypelagic

Merlucciidae: Hakes
Merluccius productus, Pacific hake (whiting) - epi/mesopelagic

Macrouridae: Grenadiers
Albatrossia pectoralis, Giant grenadier - meso/bathydemersal
Coryphaenoides arcolepis, Pacific grenadier - meso/bathydemersal
Coryphaenoides armatus, Grenadier - meso/bathydemersal
Coryphaenoides cinereus, Grenadier - meso/bathydemersal
Coryphaenoides filifer, Threadfin grenadier - bathydemersal
Coryphaenoides leptolepis, Ghostly grenadier - bathydemersal
Nezumia stelgidolepis, Grenadier - epi/mesodemersal

Ophidiidae: Cusk-Eels
Chilara taylori, Spotted cusk-eel - epi/mesodemersal
Spectrunculus grandis, Cusk-eel - bathydemersal

Bythitidae: Livebearing Brotulas
Brosmophycis marginata, Red brotula - epi/mesodemersal

Batrachoididae: Toadfishes
Porichthys notatus, Plainfin midshipman - nearshore shelf demersal

Oneirodidae: Dreamers
Bertella idiomorpha, Dreamer - meso/bathypelagic
Chaenophryne melanorhabdus, Dreamer - meso/bathypelagic
Oneirodes bulbosus, Dreamer - mesopelagic
Oneirodes thompsoni, Dreamer - mesopelagic

Gobiesocidae: Clingfishes
Gobiesox maeandricus, Northern clingfish - intertidal, nearshore
Rimicola muscarum, Kelp clingfish - intertidal, nearshore

Scomberesocidae: Sauries
Cololabis saira, Pacific saury - epipelagic oceanic

Cyprinodontidae: Killifishes
Cyprinodon variegatus, Sheepshead minnow - estuarine, very nearshore

Atherinidae: Silversides
Atherinops affinis, Topsmelt - nearshore shelf pelagic

Lampridae: Opahs
Lampris guttatus, Opah - epi/mesopelagic

Trachipteridae: Ribbonfishes
Trachipterus altivelis, King-of-the-salmon - epi/mesopelagic

Diretmidae: Spinyfins
Diretmus argenteus (=pauciradiatus?), Spinyfin - epi- to bathypelagic

Melamphaidae: Bigscales
Melamphaes lugubris, Highsnout bigscale - mesopelagic
Poromitra crassiceps, Crested bigscale - meso/bathypelagic
Scopeloberyx robustus, Bigscale - mesopelagic

Barbourisiidae: Barbourisiids
Barbourisia rufa, Barbourisiid - meso/bathypelagic

Cetomimidae: Flabby Whalefishes
Gyrinomimus sp., Flabby whalefish - bathydemersal?

Oreosomatidae: Oreos
Allocyttus folletti, Oxeye oreo - mesodemersal

Aulorhynchidae: Tubesnouts
Aulorhynchus flavidus, Tubesnout - nearshore shelf pelagic

Gasterosteidae: Sticklebacks
Gasterosteus aculeatus, Three-spined stickleback - anadromous

Syngnathidae: Pipefishes and Seahorses
Syngnathus leptorhynchus, Bay pipefish - intertidal, nearshore

Scorpaenidae: Scorpionfishes and Rockfishes
Sebastes aleutianus, Rougheye rockfish - meso/bathydemersal
Sebastes alutus, Pacific ocean perch - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes auriculatus, Brown rockfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Sebastes aurora, Aurora rockfish - epi- to bathydemersal
Sebastes babcocki, Redbanded rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes borealis, Shortraker rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes brevispinis, Silvergray rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes caurinus, Copper rockfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Sebastes chlorostictus, Greenspotted rockfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Sebastes crameri, Darkblotched rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes diploproa, Splitnose rockfish - mesodemersal
Sebastes elongatus, Greenstriped rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes emphaeus, Puget Sound rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes entomelas, Widow rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes flavidus, Yellowtail rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes goodei, Chilipepper - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes helvomaculatus, Rosethorn rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes jordani, Shortbelly rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes maliger, Quillback rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes melanops, Black rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes melanostomus, Blackgill rockfish - epi- to bathydemersal
Sebastes miniatus, Vermillion rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes mystinus, Blue rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes nebulosus, China rockfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Sebastes nigrocinctus, Tiger rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes paucispinis, Bocaccio - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes pinniger, Canary rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes proriger, Redstripe rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes reedi, Yellowmouth rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes rosaceus, Rosy rockfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Sebastes ruberrimus, Yelloweye rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes saxicola, Stripetail rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes wilsoni, Pygmy rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastes zacentrus, Sharpchin rockfish - epi/mesodemersal
Sebastolobus alascanus, Shortspine thornyhead - epi- to bathydemersal
Sebastolobus altivelis, Longspine thornyhead - meso/bathydemersal

Anoplopomatidae: Sablefishes and Skilfishes
Anoplopoma fimbria, Sablefish - epi- to bathydemersal
Erilepis zonifer, Skilfish - mesodemersal

Hexagrammidae: Greenlings and Lingcods
Hexagrammos decagrammus, Kelp greenling - intertidal, nearshore
Hexagrammos lagocephalus, Rock greenling - intertidal, nearshore
Hexagrammos stelleri, Whitespotted greenling - intertidal, nearshore
Ophiodon elongatus, Lingcod - epi/mesodemersal
Oxylebius pictus, Painted greenling - nearshore shelf demersal
Pleurogrammus monopterygius, Atka mackerel - epi/mesodemersal

Zaniolepididae: Combfishes
Zaniolepis latipinnis, Longspine combfish - nearshore shelf demersal

Cottidae: Sculpins
Artedius corallinus, Coralline sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Artedius fenestralis, Padded sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Artedius harringtoni, Scalyhead sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Artedius lateralis, Smoothhead sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Artedius meanyi, Puget Sound sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Artedius notospilotus, Bonehead sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Ascelichthys rhodorus, Rosylip sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Blepsias cirrhosus, Silverspotted sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Chitonotus pugetensis, Roughback sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Clinocottus acuticeps, Sharpnose sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Clinocottus embryum, Calico sculpin - intertidal
Clinocottus globiceps, Mosshead sculpin - intertidal
Cottus asper, Prickly sculpin - anadromous
Cottus aleuticus, Coastrange sculpin - anadromous
Enophrys bison, Buffalo sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus, Red Irish lord - epi/mesodemersal
Hemilepidotus spinosus, Brown Irish lord - intertidal, nearshore
Icelinus borealis, Northern sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Icelinus burchami, Dusky sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Icelinus filamentosus, Threadfin sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Icelinus fimbriatus, Fringed sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Icelinus oculatus, Sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Icelinus tenuis, Spotfin sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Jordania zonope, Longfin sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Leptocottus armatus, Pacfic staghorn sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus, Great sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Nautichthys oculofasciatus, Sailfin sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Smallsail sculpin, Nautichthys robustus - nearshore shelf demersal
Oligocottus maculosus, Tidepool sculpin - intertidal
Oligocottus rimensis, Saddleback sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Oligocottus snyderi, Fluffy sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Paricelinus hopliticus, Thornbacked sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Radulinus asprellus, Slim sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Radulinus boleoides, Darter sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Radulinus talyori, Spinynose sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Rhamphocottus richardsonii, Grunt sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Scorpaenichthys marmoratus, Cabezon - intertidal, nearshore
Synchirus gilli, Manacled sculpin - intertidal, nearshore
Triglops macellus, Roughspine sculpin - nearshore shelf demersal
Triglops pingelii, Ribbed sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Zesticelus profundorum, Flabby sculpin - epi- to bathydemersal

Psychrolutidae: Psychrolutids
Dasycottus setiger, Spinyhead sculpin - epi- to bathydemersal
Malacocottus kincaidi, Blackfin sculpin - epi- to bathydemersal
Malacocottus zonurus, Darkfin sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Gilbertidia sigalutes, Soft sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Psychrolutes paradoxus, Tadpole sculpin - epi/mesodemersal
Psychrolutes phrictus, Blob sculpin - meso/bathydemersal

Agonidae: Poachers
Agonomalus mozinoi, Kelp poacher - intertidal, nearshore
Agonopsis vulsa, Northern spearnose poacher - nearshore shelf demersal
Agonus acipenserinus, Sturgeon poacher - epi/mesodemersal
Anoplagonus inermis, Smooth alligatorfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Bathyagonus alascanus, Gray starsnout poacher - epi/mesodemersal
Bathyagonus infraspinatus, Spinycheek starsnout poacher - nearshore shelf demersal
Bathyagonus nigripinnis, Blackfin starsnout poacher - epi- to bathydemersal
Bathyagonus pentacanthus, Bigeye starsnout poacher - epi/mesodemersal
Bothragonus swanii, Rockhead - intertidal, nearshore
Hypsagonus quadricornis, Fourhorn poacher - nearshore shelf demersal
Occella verrucosa, Warty poacher - epi/mesodemersal
Odontopyxis trispinosa, Pygmy poacher - epi/mesodemersal
Pallasina barbata, Tubenose poacher - nearshore shelf demersal
Stellerina xyosterna, Pricklebreast poacher - nearshore shelf demersal
Xeneretmus latifrons, Blacktip poacher - epi/mesodemersal
Xeneretmus leiops, Smootheye poacher - epi/mesodemersal
Xeneretmus triacanthus, Bluespotted poacher - epi/mesodemersal

Liparididae: Snailfishes
Acantholiparis opercularis, Snailfish - bathydemersal
Careproctus cypselurus, Snailfish - bathydemersal
Careproctus gilberti, Snailfish - mesodemersal
Careproctus melanurus, Blacktail snailfish - epi- to bathydemersal
Careproctus ovigerum, Snailfish - bathydemersal
Elassodiscus caudatus, Snailfish - mesodemersal
Eumicrotremus orbis, Pacific spiny lumpsucker - epi- to bathydemersal
Liparis callyodon, Spotted snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Liparis cyclopus, Ribbon snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Liparis dennyi, Marbled snailfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Liparis florae, Tidepool snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Liparis fucensis, Slipskin snailfish - epi/mesodemersal
Liparis mucosus, Slimy snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Liparis pulchellus, Showy snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Liparis rutteri, Ringtail snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Lipariscus nanus, Snailfish - epi/mesodemersal
Nectoliparis pelagicus, Tadpole snailfish - nearshore shelf demersal
Osteodiscus cascadiae, Snailfish - bathydemersal
Paraliparis cephalus, Snailfish - meso/bathydemersal
Paraliparis dactylosus, Snailfish - mesodemersal
Paraliparis deani, Prickly snailfish - epi- to bathydemersal
Paraliparis mento, Snailfish - mesodemersal
Paraliparis paucidens, Snailfish - bathydemersal
Paraliparis pecoralis, Snailfish - bathydemersal
Paraliparis rosaceus, Snailfish - bathydemersal
Paraliparis ulochir, Snailfish - meso/bathydemersal
Polypera beringiana, Bering snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Polypera greeni, Lobefin snailfish - intertidal, nearshore
Rhinoliparis attenuatus, Snailfish - meso/bathydemersal
Rhinoliparis barbulifer, Snailfish - meso/bathydemersal

Percichthyidae: Temperate Basses
Morone saxatilis, Striped bass - introduced, nearshore

Serranidae: Sea Basses and Groupers
Paralabrax clathratus, Kelp bass - nearshore shelf pelagic

Malacanthidae: Tilefishes
Caulolatilus princeps, Ocean whitefish - epi/mesopelagic

Echeneididae: Remoras
Remora australis, Whalesucker - epipelagic oceanic

Carangidae: Jacks and Pompanos
Naucrates ductor, Pilotfish - epipelagic oceanic
Seriola lalandi, Yellowtail - epipelagic oceanic
Trachurus symmetricus, Jack mackerel - epi/mesopelagic

Coryphaenidae: Dolphinfishes
Coryphaena hippurus, Dolphin - epipelagic oceanic

Bramidae: Pomfrets
Brama japonica, Pacific pomfret - epipelagic oceanic
Taractes asper, Rough pomfret - epi/mesopelagic

Caristiidae: Manefishes
Caristius macropus, Veilfin - mesopelagic

Sciaenidae: Croakers
Atractosion nobilis, White seabass - nearshore shelf pelagic
Genyonemus lineatus, White croaker - nearshore shelf pelagic

Kyphosidae: Sea Chubs
Medialuna californiensis, Halfmoon - nearshore shelf pelagic

Pentacerotidae: Armorheads
Pentaceros richardsoni, Pelagic armorhead - epi/mesopelagic

Embiotocidae: Surfperches
Amphistichus koelzi, Calico surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Amphistichus rhodoterus, Redtail surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Brachyistius frenatus, Kelp surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Cymatogaster aggregata, Shiner surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Damalichthys vacca, Pile surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Embiotoca lateralis, Striped surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Hyperprosopon argenteum, Walleye surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Hyperprosopon ellipticum, Silver surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic
Phanerodon furcatum, White surfperch - nearshore shelf pelagic

Sphyraenidae: Barracudas
Sphyraena argentea, California barracuda - epipelagic oceanic

Bathymasteridae: Ronquils
Rathbunella hypoplecta, Stripefin ronquil - nearshore shelf demersal
Bathymaster signatus, Searcher - nearshore shelf demersal
Ronquilus jordani, Northern ronquil - nearshore shelf demersal

Zoarcidae: Eelpouts
Bothrocara brunneum, Twoline eelpout - meso/bathydemersal
Bothrocara molle, Eelpout - meso/bathydemersal
Bothrocara remigerum, Eelpout - demersal ?
Derepodichthys alepidotus, Cuskpout - bathydemersal
Embryx crotalinus, Snakehead eelpout - meso/bathydemersal
Lycenchelys camchaticus, Eelpout - meso/bathydemersal
Lycenchelys jordani, Eelpout - bathydemersal
Lycodapus dermatinus, Eelpout - meso/bathydemersal
Lycodapus endemoscotus, Eelpout - meso/bathydemersal
Lycodapus fierasfer, Eelpout - epi- to bathydemersal
Lycodapus mandibularis, Pallid eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Lycodapus pachysoma, Eelpout - bathydemersal
Lycodapus parviceps, Eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Lycodes brevipes, Shortfin eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Lycodes cortezianus, Bigfin eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Lycodes diapterus, Black eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Lycodes pacifica, Blackbelly eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Lycodes palearis, Wattled eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Lycodes sp., Eelpout - bathydemersal
Lyconema barbatum, Eelpout - epi/mesodemersal
Melanostigma pammelas, Midwater eelpout - epi- to bathydemersal
Pachycara bulbiceps, Eelpout - bathydemersal
Taranetzella lycoderma, Eelpout - meso/bathydemersal

Stichaeidae: Pricklebacks
Allolumpenus hypochromus, Y-prickleback - nearshore shelf demersal
Anoplarchus insignis, Slender cockscomb - nearshore shelf demersal
Anoplarchus purpurescens, High cockscomb - intertidal, nearshore
Chirolophis decoratus, Decorated warbonnet - nearshore shelf demersal
Chirolophis nugator, Mosshead warbonnet - nearshore shelf demersal
Lumpenus maculatus, Daubed shanny - nearshore shelf demersal
Lumpenus sagitta, Snake prickleback - nearshore shelf demersal
Phytichthys chirus, Ribbon prickleback - intertidal, nearshore
Plectobranchus evides, Bluebarred prickleback - epi/mesodemersal
Poroclinus rothrocki, Whitebarred prickleback - nearshore shelf demersal
Xiphister atropurpureus, Black prickleback - intertidal, nearshore
Xiphister mucosus, Rock prickleback - intertidal, nearshore

Cryptacanthodidae: Wrymouths
Delolepis gigantea, Giant wrymouth - nearshore shelf demersal
Lyconectes aleutensis, Dwarf wrymouth - epi/mesodemersal

Pholididae: Gunnels
Apodichthys flavidus, Penpoint gunnel - intertidal, nearshore
Pholis clemensi, Longfin gunnel - nearshore shelf demersal
Pholis laeta, Crescent gunnel - intertidal, nearshore
Pholis ornata, Saddleback gunnel - intertidal, nearshore
Pholis schultzi, Red gunnel - intertidal, nearshore
Xererpes fucorum, Rockweed gunnel - intertidal, nearshore

Anarhichadidae: Wolffishes
Anarrhichthys ocellatus, Wolf-eel - epi/mesodemersal

Ptilichthyidae: Quillfish
Ptilichthys goodei, Quillfish - nearshore shelf demersal

Zaproridae: Prowfishes
Zaprora silenus, Prowfish - epi/mesodemersal

Scytalinidae: Graveldiggers
Scytalina cerdale, Graveldigger - intertidal, nearshore

Trichodontidae: Sandfishes
Trichodon trichodon, Pacific sandfish - epi/mesodemersal

Clinidae: Kelpfishes
Gibbonsia metzi, Striped kelpfish - intertidal, nearshore
Gibbonsia montereyensis, Crevice kelpfish - intertidal, nearshore
Heterostichus rostratus, Giant kelpfish - intertidal, nearshore

Icosteidae: Ragfishes
Icosteus aenigmaticus, Ragfish - epi/mesopelagic

Ammodytidae: Sand Lances
Ammodytes hexapterus, Pacific sand lance - epi/mesodemersal

Gobiidae: Gobies
Clevelandia ios, Arrow goby - intertidal
Coryphopterus nicholsii, Blackeye goby - intertidal, nearshore
Lepidogobius lepidus, Bay goby - intertidal, nearshore

Trichiuridae: Cutlassfishes
Aphanopus carbo, Black scabbardfish - epi- to bathypelagic
Benthodesmus elongatus, Frostfish - epi/mesopelagic

Scombridae: Mackerels and Tunas
Euthynnus pelamis, Skipjack tuna - epipelagic oceanic
Sarda chiliensis, Pacific bonito - epipelagic oceanic
Scomber japonicus, Pacific (chub) mackerel - epi/mesopelagic
Thunnus alalunga, Albacore - epipelagic oceanic
Thunnus albacares, Yellowfin tuna - epipelagic oceanic
Thunnus obesus, Bigeye tuna - epipelagic oceanic
Thunnus thynnus, Bluefin tuna - epipelagic oceanic

Xiphiidae: Swordfishes
Xiphias gladius, Swordfish - epi/mesopelagic

Luvaridae: Louvar
Luvarus imperialis, Louvar - epi/mesopelagic

Centrolophidae: Medusafishes
Icichthys lockingtoni, Medusafish - epipelagic oceanic

Tetragonuridae: Squaretails
Tetragonurus cuvieri, Smalleye sqaretail - epipelagic oceanic

Stromateidae: Butterfishes
Peprilus simillimus, Pacific butterfish - epipelagic oceanic

Bothidae: Lefteye Flounders
Citharichthys sordidus, Pacific sanddab - epi- to bathydemersal
Citharichthys stigmaeus, Speckled sanddab - epi/mesodemersal
Paralichthys californicus, California halibut - nearshore shelf demersal

Pleuronectidae: Righteye Flounders
Atheresthes stomias, Arrowtooth flounder - epi- to bathydemersal
Clidoderma asperrimum, Roughscale sole - epi/mesodemersal
Embassichthys bathybius, Deepsea sole - meso/bathydemersal
Eopsetta jordani, Petrale sole - epi- to bathydemersal
Glyptocephalus zachirus, Rex sole - epi- to bathydemersal
Hippoglossoides elassodon, Flathead sole - epi- to bathydemersal
Hippoglossus stenolepis, Pacific halibut - epi- to bathydemersal
Inopsetta ischyra, Hybrid sole - epi/mesodemersal
Isopsetta isolepis, Butter sole - epi/mesodemersal
Lepidopsetta bilineata, Rock sole - epi- to bathydemersal
Lyopsetta exilis, Slender sole - epi- to bathydemersal
Microstomus pacificus, Dover sole - epi- to bathydemersal
Parophrys vetulus, English sole - epi- to bathydemersal
Platichthys stellatus, Starry flounder - nearshore to mesodemersal
Pleuronichthys coenosus, C-O turbot (sole) - epi/mesodemersal
Pleuronichthys decurrens, Curlfin turbot (sole) - epi/mesodemersal
Psettichthys melanostictus, Sand sole - epi/mesodemersal
Reinhardtius hippoglossoides, Greenland halibut - epi/mesodemersal

Cynoglossidae: Tonguefishes
Symphurus atricauda, California tonguefish - nearshore shelf demersal

Balistidae: Triggerfishes and Filefishes
Balistes polylepis, Finescale triggerfish - nearshore shelf pelagic

Molidae: Molas
Mola mola, Ocean sunfish - epipelagic oceanic