Where dead things come alive!

This catch phrase highlights outreach, interpretive, and education efforts at the Puget Sound Museum of Natural History is one of the Pacific Northwest’s significant natural history collections, with over 100,000 bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, plant, insect, and geological specimens. Located on the University of Puget Sound campus, the Puget Sound Museum.

A main objectives of the Museum is to provide science-based education & outreach programing that engages the local community with the natural world and gives students the opportunity to engage with natural history museum collections. Whether it be through our free Nature in the Classroom science curriculum kits, our Docent Program open to all University of Puget Sound students, or our Night at the Museum events, we strive to make our collections & specimens accessible to all and do our part to inspire a love for the natural world!

Find out more about all of our Education & Outreach programming below.


Are you a University of Puget Sound student? Join our Docent Program and try your hand at everything from cataloging museum specimens to learning taxidermy!


Bring the rich biodiversity of the Pacific Northwest into your classroom! Nature in the Classroom is a free multidisciplinary science-based curriculum that allows students to explore the biodiversity of the Puget Sound using real-life museum specimens.


Come spend a night at the museum and see our dead things come alive!


Step inside the museum prep lab and see what birds our Collections Manager, Gary Shugart, has been working on!


Resources for continued science learning!


Learn molecular techniques and examine genetic variation in one or more salmon populations!