Contact Academic Advising Staff

The principal mission of the Office of Academic Advising is to support faculty in guiding students as they navigate their academic careers. We are working remotely, just like your!, and look forward to talking with you about your plans.  The staff of Academic Advising includes:

Director: Landon Wade (x3651)

  • Manages the First-Year Advising Program
  • Offers advisor training in groups and one-on-one
  • Consults with faculty on advising matters
  • Serves as graduate school advisor
  • Serves on the Academic Standards Committee

Associate Director/Fellowships: Kelli Delaney (x3250)

  • Directs the Fellowships Office
  • Assist students and alumni throughout the fellowships process
  • Supports the Graduate Fellowships Advisory Committee
  • Academic advising on as-needed basis

Assistant Director/Advisor: Kariann Lee (x3336)

  • Coordinates Transfer Advising Program
  • Manages Triad Program for at-risk students
  • Consults with faculty on alerts and other concerns
  • Advises undecided, at-risk, and major changing students

Assistant for Academic Advising: Jacqui Elliott (x3650)

  • Coordinates Peer Advising Program
  • Manages advising office
  • Supervises student staff members

Technology Specialist: Joy Kiefer (x3128)

  • Manages data for Triad Program and Student Alert Group
  • Provides technical support and web management
  • Coordinates Leave of Absence Program
  • Notifies faculty of extended student absences

Peer Advisor Coordinator: Declan Peloso (x3251)

  • Provides support for advisors of first-year students
  • Provides direct advising support to first-year students
  • Works with Assistant for First-Year Advising to coordinate Peer Advising Program

The Office of Academic Advising provides training, consultation, and technical support for faculty in working with their advisees. Advisor assignment and reassignment, advising of undecided and major-changing students, support for at-risk students, and counseling for students in academic difficulty all fall under the purview of Academic Advising.