Meet our Subject Tutors

Spring 2018

To make an appointment, drop by Howarth 109, call 253.879.3404, or complete this form.




Maggie Zach

Hi! I'm a senior from Portland, OR in the Business Leadership Program and minoring in Economics. I am returning from a semester abroad in Copenhagen Denmark, and I am excited to return to my Puget Sound community. When I'm not studying you can find me reading, exploring the farmers market, or cooking something delicious. Feel free to stop by to talk accounting and finance or swap your favorite recipes! 


Hours: Sun 3-4 (drop-in hour) & 4-5pm, M 3-6pm, Th 3-5pm, F 9am-noon 



James DeJesus

Hi! My name is James DeJesus and I am a senior from Hawai’i pursuing a major in Biochemistry and minors in Math and Economics. Aside from studying in Thompson Hall, I play on the UPS baseball team and enjoy soaking up Vitamin D whenever the Sun reveals itself. This is my first year as the Biology tutor and am fascinated by the wonders of science. I embrace every opportunity I have to work with fellow students and I look forward to clearing up any questions you may have about biology. Please don’t hesitate to stop by the CWLT so we can work through those questions together.


Hours: M 6-8pm, T 7-8pm & 8-9pm (drop-in hour), W 11am-noon, 6-8pm



Aedin Wright

Aedin Wright

Hi All! My name is Aedin and I am a senior Chemistry major who is in an "excited state" to talk about/help with all things chemistry. I hail from Bend, Oregon, and when I am not contemplating the unity of the world due to all of the awe inspiring chemical reactions around us, you will find me performing spoken word or adventuring outdoors. I love Harry Potter, metta meditation, and my puppy Luna. If any of these things interest you or you wanna speak Danish, come see me at the CWLT!


Hours: M 7-8 & 8-9pm (drop-in hour), Th 6-8pm, F 9-11am

Ivin Yu

Hello! I'm a junior Molecular and Cellular Biology major from Los Angeles, CA. I'm so excited to be working as one of the Chemistry tutors at the CWLT! Outside of work and school, I'm currently the president of Beta Theta Pi & I volunteer at the ER every weekend. Fun fact: I love singing and I love Disney, so I'm always ready for Disney sing-alongs. And if you like Beauty and the Beast, then we're going to be great friends. Hope to see around campus or at the CWLT to help you with some chemistry!


Hours: T 5-7pm, W 1-2 & 2-3pm (drop-in), F 1-3pm


Brynn Witter

Hey! My name is Brynn and I’m from Long Beach, California. I’m a third year student majoring in biochemistry with the ultimate goal of studying biomedical engineering. One time a professor called me “a permanent resident of Harned,” but if I’m not there, I’m probably napping, climbing at the gym, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood in search of friendly cats. Please stop by – whether you want to tackle some tough concepts or chat about your interests, I’d love to see you!


Hours: M 11am-1pm, T 7-8 (drop-in hour) & 8-9pm, Th 7-9pm

Gabby Chang

Gabby Chang

Hello! I am a senior and one of the few Idahoans on campus. I am a Biochemistry major with a minor in Mathematics and possible emphasis in Bioethics. I am very active and love playing piano, reading, and of course nerding out about chemistry! Please don't hesitate to stop by!


Hours: Sun 2-3 (drop-in) & 3-4pm, M 2-4pm, T 5-7pm

Emily Parlan

Hello! My name is Emily, I’m from Bend, OR, and I’m a junior studying Molecular/Cellular Biology with a minor in Business and emphasis in Neuroscience. When I’m not studying in Thompson, you can catch me making lattes in Diversions, reading (for fun!), or admiring the salad bar at the Met. I’m looking forward to working with you!


Abroad Spring 2018



Christine Li

大家好! My name is Jiawen Li, but I go by Christine. I am a junior and majoring in math with a minor in computer science. “WAIT,” you may ask! How am I a Chinese tutor then? It’s because I was born in China and moved to Washington few years ago. Don’t hesitate to stop by so we can talk about all those tricky symbols that we call words!


Hours: M 5-7pm, W 6-8pm, Th 1-2 (drop-in hour) & 3-4pm


Kathryn Stutz

Kathryn Stutz

Hello! I’m Kathryn, and I’m a classical languages (Greek and Latin) and sociology/anthropology double major planning on graduation in 2018. While I’ve been here at Puget Sound, I’ve also studied Arabic, done some museum and archive research, and overloaded on archaeology courses. In my free time (such as it is) I love watching crime shows, reading fantasy novels, and translating pop songs into ancient Greek and Tolkien’s High Elvish. If you ever want to talk about anything, classical or otherwise, or if you need a place to vent about verb forms, come find me at the CWLT – I’m so looking forward to working with you!


Hours: M 2-4pm, W 2-4pm, Th 3-4 & 4-5pm (drop-in)


Computer ScienCE



Sam Berling

Hi! My name is Sam and I’m a senior, majoring in Computer Science and Physics. If I'm not in the CWLT, I’m probably watching Game of Thrones or hanging out in the physics resource room with mocha in hand. I’m super excited to be working at the CWLT this year, so whether it be to ask for help or just to say hi, don’t hesitate to drop by!


Hours: M noon-1 & 1-2pm (drop-in), T 10am-noon, F noon-2pm


Geremia Lizier-Zmudzinski

Hey! My name is Geremia and I am a senior from Forest Grove, Oregon, majoring in Economics and minoring in Math. A fun fact about me is that I am fluent in Italian. I spend much of my free time watching basketball and soccer while writing posts for my basketball and soccer analytics website. I also like reading about poker theory and playing chess. To stay active, I hike (in the summer) and go on runs all over Tacoma while thinking about all the places in the world I want to travel. I’d love to hear about all the cool places you’ve been and anything else that interests you!


Hours: Sun 3-5pm, T 6-7 (drop-in) & 7-8pm, Th 6-8pm


Exercise Science


Lindsey Roberts

Hi! I'm a senior from sunny Southern California, and I'm studying Exercise Science and Biology with hopes of practicing physical therapy internationally in the future.  On campus, I'm president of UPS Intervarsity and on the executive board of Kappa Alpha Theta.  On the rare occasion that the sun is shining, I enjoy reading by the waterfront, hiking in the trees, and taking in all the beautiful views the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  I'm so excited to work with you in the CWLT as the Exercise Science tutor!


Hours: M 4-6pm, W 2-4pm, Th 4-5 & 5-6pm (drop-in)  


Caleb Van Boven

Hi! I’m Caleb Van Boven and I am a junior from Boulder, CO pursuing an Exercise Science major.  On campus, I’m involved as a member of the swim team and Greek life, but most often you’ll find me studying around Thompson. When I’m not busy, I’m likely playing basketball or out hiking around Point Defiance. I’m honored and excited to work with you all as an Exercise Science Subject tutor!


Hours: Sun 1-2 (drop-in) & 2-3pm, Th 9-11am, F noon-2pm


Zoe Branch

Zoë Branch

Hello! My name is Zoë and I'm a junior double major in French and English from Denver, Colorado. I'm excited to be working at the CWLT this year as both a French tutor and a Writing Advisor because it means that I get to talk and think about my two favorite things (French and English) all the time! When I'm not geeking out about academics, you can find me drinking coffee and/or eating hummus just about anywhere on campus. Please stop by to see with me, whether you have a question about grammar or just want to talk about ideas!


Hours: M 1-3pm, T 9-11am, 6-9pm, W 6-7 & 7-8 (French drop-in hour) & 8-9pm, Th 10-11am & 6-7pm (French conversation hour in the NW lounge of Thomas Hall)

Meadow Poplawsky

Hi! My name is Meadow and I’m a junior majoring in International Political Economy and minoring in French and Global Development Studies.You can usually find me in the music building, library, or drinking tea in one of our campus cafes. When I’m not around campus, I love to hike, bike, discover new music, and hang out with my friends! Come say hi if you have any questions about French, I’d love to get to meet you!


Abroad Spring 2018



Katarina Moffett

Hi! I am a junior from Portland, Oregon and I am a German major and an Exercise Science and Business double minor! I’m very excited to be working at the CWLT as the German tutor! My passions include playing volleyball, as I am also on the team here at UPS, and just hanging out and taking it easy. Please stop by for any help in German, or if you just want to stop and chat for a bit! I hope to be able to help in any way you need!


HoursT noon-2pm, W 7-8 (drop-in hour) & 8-9pm, Th noon-2pm




Aya Goto-Hirsig

Aya Goto-Hirsig

Hey there! I’m Aya Goto, and I’m from Berkeley, California. I am double majoring in Japanese and International Relations. I love travel, the outdoors, playing the guitar, drawing, and windsurfing. I spent my gap year volunteering on organic farms all over Japan, and would love to swap stories with you while we study Japanese. Whether to chat, learn a new concept or review for a test, feel free to stop on by! Look forward to meeting you all :)


Hours: M noon-2pm, T 2-3 (drop-in) & 3-4pm, W 10am-noon

Brittney Imada

Hi! My name is Brittney, and I am originally from Mililani, Hawaii. I’m a senior double majoring in Japanese and Psychology and am also working towards an Interdisciplinary Emphasis in Asian Studies. When I’m not tutoring, working at the SUB, or studying, you can probably find me eating some kind of dessert (most likely ice cream), taking a power nap, or listening to music. I studied abroad in Japan in Fall 2016 and can’t wait to share my love for Japan and the Japanese language with you all! Don’t hesitate to stop by!


Hours: M 10am-noon & 4-5pm (drop-in), W 1-2pm, Th 1-3pm




Maggie Berrens

Hi! I am a sophomore, double majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico (and yes that is where Breaking Bad is filmed and based). When I'm not in class or tutoring, you can find me, studying in Thompson, having a personal dance party in Diversions, hitting up Point D, or contemplating my favorite mathematical theorems. Whether you need help on homework, test preparation, or just want to share your passion for math or chemistry, please do not hesitate to stop by!


Hours: Sun 1-3pm, W 6-7 (drop-in) & 7-8pm, Th 3-5pm

Rachel Chaiser

Hey there! I am a fifth year student majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Education Studies. I was born and raised in southeastern Michigan. Before transferring to UPS as a junior I rode and worked with horses for 13 years. Now I spend most of my time learning or teaching others about math. I think that math is best when it's done collaboratively, as it provides the opportunity to learn from one another and uncover patterns and truths that could have otherwise gone unnoticed - plus I just love talking about math. So come on in and chat!


Hours: M 9-11am, T 4-5 & 5-6pm (drop-in hour), Th 5-7pm


Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller

Hi! You want to talk about physics? YES! I welcome inquiries about physics homework, projects, test preparation, abstract physics thoughts, and anything else related to physics, math, or computer science, whether it’s for class or not. I’m majoring in physics and math with a minor in computer science. When I’m not in class or tutoring, I’m hanging out in the physics resource room, worshiping at my shrine of Albert Einstein, losing at intramural sports, advocating for farmworker and immigrant rights, and occasionally playing video games (ask me for my Steam name).


Hours: M 6-7(drop-in) & 7-8pm, T 1-3pm Th 1-3pm

Jordan Fonseca

Hello!  I am a senior math and physics double major returning for my third and final year at the CWLT.  I've worked in the Center as both a Writing Adviser and Subject Tutor in the past, and I'm thrilled to be serving in both those capacities full-time this year.  I believed I was a poor academic writer for the majority of my high school career and still think that writing is a really challenging process despite having the potential to be both rewarding and empowering. Having taken ten physics classes at UPS as of last year, I can personally attest to the tendency of the subject material to befuddle and the math to be difficult; however, I'm always excited to talk about the many beautiful and useful applications of physics.  One of the cool roles I see myself having as a tutor and Writing Adviser is the interest and context to work on making technical writing accessible and clear.


Hours: Sun 1-2 & 3-4pmM 6-8pm, W 6-9pm, Th 2-3 (drop-in) 


psychology statistics


Lillian Bengtson

Hello! I'm a senior from Portland, Oregon, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. This is my second year at the CWLT, and I'm incredibly excited to spend another year sharing my love of prewriting with the good people of Puget Sound. When I'm not at the Center, you can often find me sitting in the front room of the library for hours at a time, baking cookies in my kitchen, or out hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you're interested in helping me drink copious amounts of CWLT tea, discussing any dogs you've seen on campus lately, or possibly talking about your upcoming essay, please stop by and say hi!


Hours: M 7-9pm, T 9-11am, Th 5-7pm


Jule Holgate

Jule Holgate

Hi! My name is Jule Holgate and I’m a Junior Exercise Science and Spanish double major from the majestic state of Oregon. My ultimate goal (and my dad’s) is to be 75 and still skiing, cause then I would get a free Meadows ski resort season pass.  If you have questions about the beautiful Spanish language, or my extensive plans on being fit enough at 75 to ski, stop on by!


Hours: M 4-5 (drop-in) & 5-6pm, Th 10am-noon, Fr 10am-noon


Jayne Hutcheson

Hey there! My name is Jayne and I am a Senior working towards a Spanish and Psychology double major. You can find me in the CWLT passionately sharing my love of the Spanish language and culture as a Spanish Subject Tutor! That being said, I am also down for a good chat about crafting, musicals, or other life events. In addition, I went abroad to Granada, Spain during Fall '16, so I can definitely talk your head off the importance of studying abroad! It is my goal to make sure that each person I tutor leaves not only feeling more confident than than they did before with a Spanish-related subject, but that they also feel comfortable enough to see me in the future. So, please do not hesitate to stop by!



Hours: S 4-5 (drop-in) & 5-6pm, W 9-11am, Th 5-7pm


 Erika Smith

Erika Smith

My name is Erika Smith, and I am a junior double majoring in Math and Business. I am very excited to be spending my first year with the CWLT as the statistics tutor. Most of my free time goes towards playing volleyball for UPS, but when I can, I enjoy being outside as much as possible. Please don’t hesitate to stop by with any questions you may have about statistics. I look forward to working with you!


Hours: M 11am-1pm, T 2-4pm, Th 2-3 & 3-4pm (drop-in hour)


Cole Tomkins

Hi! I’m Cole, I use they/them pronouns, and I’m a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Math and Chinese. I’m originally from England (the accent comes and goes) but I’m truly a Chicagoan at heart. When I’m not geeking out about stats I like to knit, play guitar, build random contraptions, and meticulously organize things. If you have questions about statistics, or need help staying organized, feel free to stop by and say hi!


Hours: M 6-7 (drop-in) & 7-8pm, W 11am-noon & 1-2pm, F noon-2pm




CWLT Tutoring Drop-in hours

Check out our GRE study group: Sundays 2-3pm! Tutors will be on hand to lead free weekly review sessions on GRE topics to help you prep for your test. We also have review books, flashcards, and worksheets available for use in the Center.

No appointment necessary; groups are welcome. Come once with a question, or come every week to study and talk things out with your peers - just be sure to come!

  • Accounting/Finance: Sun 3-4 p.m.
  • Biology: T 8-9 p.m.
  • Chemistry: Sun 2-3 p.m., M 8-9 p.m., T 7-8 p.m., W 2-3 p.m.
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  • Economics: T 6-7 p.m.
  • Exercise science: S 1-2 p.m., Th 5-6 p.m.
  • French: W 7-8 p.m.
  • German: W 8-9 p.m.
  • Japanese: M 4-5 p.m., T 2-3p.m.
  • Math: T 5-6 p.m., W 6-7 p.m.
  • Physics: M 6-7 p.m.
  • Spanish: Sun 4-5 p.m., M 4-5 p.m.
  • Statistics: M 6-7 p.m., Th 3-4 p.m.