The 2024 Writing Excellence Awards competition is now open!  Papers may be submitted through Friday, February 9, 2024.  

Papers written as part of the requirement for courses taken at the University of Puget Sound during Spring, Summer, or Fall 2023 are eligible for this round of the competition. Papers of any length may be submitted; short papers are as likely to win as long ones.

Students may submit no more than one paper in each category. The same paper may be submitted to two categories only if one of the categories is the Race and Pedagogy category. 

Instructions for paper submissions

When you access the "Submit Your Work" link below, you will be prompted to submit a single PDF document containing each of the following items:

1) The Entry Form

2) The permission form for co-authored papers (if you are submitting a co-authored paper) (included in the Entry Form above)

Students who submit co-authored papers must obtain written permission from all of their co-authors. If you are submitting a co-authored paper, please include the permission form on page 2 of the Entry Form document, with your co-authors' signatures. If any co-authors are not on campus, you may include an email signifying consent from your co-author(s) instead of their signature(s). In the event that a co-authored paper wins its category, all co-authors will share the credit, and prize money will be divided equally among them. 

3) Two versions of the paper: the original paper with the professor's comments and a clean copy with no comments. 

If your professor wrote comments electronically, then please attach either the document as you received it from your professor or a copy of the comments received. If your professor hand-wrote comments, then please scan the document and attach it. Scanners are available in Collins Library, Room 114, near the Learning Commons. Alternatively, you can use a cell phone app such as Genius Scan to scan your materials. Search "scan to PDF" in your app store to find different options.

The deadline for submission for this year's contest is 5 pm on Friday, February 9, 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Lea Fortmann at