Sound Writing is the University of Puget Sound’s writing handbook. It is available at no cost online and is written for Puget Sound students, by Puget Sound students, so it is specifically tailored to the writing skills and challenges faced by students here. It includes advice on crucial writing structures like introductions and transitions, easy-to-understand discussion of tricky grammar, and specific tips for writing in different disciplines. It also addresses research, speaking, managing time, and writing in genres like cover letters and emails. Finally, the “Writing With Awareness” chapter explores the oppressive history of academic English and offers strategies for writing with sensitivity to the nuances of English, particularly in relation to people’s identities. Sound Writing is a living document, with new sections and updates added regularly. It can be a useful teaching tool in the classroom, as well as a resource to recommend to students.

Here are some specific ideas and resources for using the Sound Writing handbook in your teaching:

Links to interviews with Puget Sound faculty about their own writing processes, advice to student writers, and more:

A sample Puget Sound student paper, with commentary and links to Sound Writing

Ideas for using Sound Writing in the Classroom

Resources related to Writing With Awareness:

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