Faculty consultants work with students who are writing personal statements for post-graduate opportunities such as graduate school, professional school, or post-graduate fellowships.

Current students and alumni wishing to meet with one of the CWL faculty consultants may request an appointment using the standard request form, using the "writing advisor" option.

Amy Spivey

Amy Spivey, Lead Faculty Advisor, Professor of Physics

Pronouns: she/her/hers

"I am trained as an experimental physicist, and my research area involves the study of how different types of materials interact with laser light. However, I have always enjoyed writing, and I like helping students in all fields become better writers. For example, scientific writing emphasizes precision and brevity, but writing personal statements for fellowships or further study involves telling your personal story in a professional yet engaging way. Good writers try to captivate, inform, and convince their audiences as effectively as they can. In addition to working with students and alumni, I am always glad to consult with faculty on grant proposals, personal statements, and course assignment prompts."

Tu 11 a.m.- 1 p.m 

Renee Simms

Renee Simms, Associate Professor of African American Studies

Pronouns: she/her/hers

"My training is in creative writing and law, and I teach courses in fiction writing, The Harlem Renaissance, Survey of African American Literature, Black Fictions and Feminisms, and Environmental Racism. My research interests include community writing pedagogy and black feminist interventions in literary canon formation, environmental justice, and law. I enjoy helping students think through choices they’ve made in a draft as well as the expectations of a written genre. I believe all great writing happens during revision."

Tu 1-2pm, Th 12-1pm

Lisa Nunn

Lisa Nunn, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics and International Political Economy

Pronouns: she/her/hers

"My teaching and research involve the various intersections of economics, politics, history, and pedagogy. I teach courses in Economics and International Political Economy and my interest in Alexander Hamilton and the American Revolutionary era inspires a writing seminar for first year students. My research focuses on incorporating writing and high-impact learning practices into the social science curriculum. I enjoy accompanying students through their reflective learning journey and helping students develop their skills for clear written communication."

M 1-2pm, W 3-4 pm

Denise Despres

Denise Despres, Professor of Humanities, Honors, and English

Pronouns: she/her/hers

"Denise Despres is an interdisciplinary scholar of medieval literature and devotional culture. She has explored medieval literary and visual hermeneutics in manuscript culture, medieval women writers and subjectivity, and anti-Judaism in 12th- through 14th- century England. Her essays have been published in Oxford Chaucer Handbook, Blackwell Companion to British Literature, Speculum, Modern Philology, The Journal of Religion, and English Language Notes, among others. Her interest in medieval visual rhetoric led to the coauthoring of the book Iconography and the Professional Reader: The Politics of Book Production in the Douce Piers Plowman. Recently her research has focused on the nexus of medieval magic, religion, and medicine. She holds a Ph.D in British literature and teaches English, and in the Honors and Humanities programs." 

MWF 2-3 pm

Aislinn Melchior

Aislinn Melchior, Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Pronouns: she/her/hers

"My research interests include war, representations of violence, and ancient comedy.  I also teach Latin, Ancient Greek, and a class on PTSD and history which begins by examining the development of the diagnosis and terminology.  My earlier work was primarily on historiography, but my main focus at present is a creative work that examines Ovid’s depictions of sexual violence in his Metamorphoses.  I enjoy working with students on their writing at all phases, including brainstorming, helping to develop a plan of attack for getting unstuck, or with those who are revising or combining earlier drafts."   

Tu 9-11 am Th 1-3 pm