The Office of Academic Advising and Fellowships' principal mission is to support faculty in guiding students as they navigate their academic careers.

The Academic Advising staff includes:

 Director: Landon Wade (x3651)

  • Manages the First-Year Advising Program
  • Offers advisor training in groups and one-on-one
  • Consults with faculty on advising matters
  • Serves as graduate school advisor
  • Serves on the Academic Standards Committee
Land Wade Advising Director

 Associate Director/Fellowships:   Kelli Delaney (x3250)

  • Directs the Fellowships Office
  • Assist students and alumni throughout the fellowship's process
  • Supports the Graduate Fellowships Advisory Committee
  • Academic advising on an as-needed basis
Kelli Delaney Fellowships director

Health Professions Advisor: Nova Fergueson (x2708)

  • Advise pre-health students, including current students and alumni, throughout the professional health program application proces
  • Member of the Health Professions Advising Committe
  • Coordinates daily operation of the Health Professions Advising department/
Nova Fergueson Health Professions advisor

Assistant for Academic Advising: Jacqui Elliott (x3650)

  • Coordinates the Peer Advising Program
  • Supervises student staff members
  • Manages the main office
Jacqui elliott AcademicAdvising

Technology Specialist: Joy Kiefer (x3128)

  • Manages data for Triad Program and Student Alert Group
  • Coordinates Leave of Absence Program
  • Coordinates major declaration and advisor changes
  • Provides technical support and web management
  • Notifies faculty of extended student absences
Joy Keifer Academic Advising

Peer Advisor Coordinator: Matt Garcia (x3251)

  • Provides support for advisors of first-year students
  • Provides direct advising support to transfer students
  • Works with Assistant for First-Year Advising to coordinate Peer Advising Program
Matt Garcia PA coordinator