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Oppenheimer Café (OC)

The Oppenheimer Café is located in the science quad formed by Harned and Thompson Halls. The café is staffed by university students in conjunction with University of Puget Sound Dining and Conferences Services.

For more information, call the Oppenheimer Café at 253.879.5902 or email us at

The Oppenheimer Café is closed for the summer and will reopen Monday, August 28th.


The Oppenheimer Café provides an open environment for students and staff to meet, grab a cup of coffee, get a bite to eat and study. 

Coffee services in partnership with Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a Portland-based company that emphasizes single-origin coffee and a close relationship with the communities that cultivate our wonderful coffee. We are serving organic and directly traded coffees in all our locations across campus. 

Holler Mountain

Stumptown’s signature organic coffee blend representing South America, Africa and Indonesia. The Diner, Cafés and Catering use this bean blend for all of our drip coffee.

Hair Bender

Stumptown’s most popular and original blend of coffee representing South America, Africa and Indonesia. Diversions and Oppenheimer use this complex bean blend for all espresso drinks.

Trapper Creek Decaf

Stumptown’s sourced beans represented by the three main growing regions; Latin America, Indonesia and east Africa. Using the Swiss Water method, this is the only organic way to remove caffeine. 

Join us for our in-house made snacks, salads and wraps. Partnering with our fine Diner team, we are able to produce fresh-made offerings to the campus. Our Grab & Go items include: fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt parfaits, breakfast and lunch wraps, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey and ham sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and convenient portions of hummus, tuna salad and chicken. In addition to a variety of teas and easy-to-grab snack items, we are also proud to partner with Marsee Baking and Cascade Bagel for pastries and bagels that are made fresh daily!


Interested in booking Oppenheimer Café? 

We would be more than happy to accommodate your event!  However, due to the unique nature of our space, and the fact that we are an operational facility managed by Dining Services, we have a few guidelines that we like to adhere to in order to ensure that events go as smoothly as possible: 

-The Café closes at 6:00 PM Monday thru Thursday and 5:00 PM on Fridays, so events will need to take place after these times. Unfortunately we can not accept reservations for Weekend events due to scheduling logistics.

 -We are not able to accommodate requests for large items such as stages or tents.  We are more than happy to remove or rearrange a number of our tables and chairs as necessary, but these will need to be returned to their original arrangement at the conclusion of the event so business can resume as usual the next morning.

Please contact Café Coordinator Adam Crowthers with any questions you may have about booking. You can use the link below to begin the booking process.

Thank you for considering Oppenheimer Café for your campus event, we look forward to hearing from you!