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Our mission is to provide excellence and quality by serving nutritious food, creating memorable experiences, and continuing education outside the classroom. Our diverse team of individuals lives the University of Puget Sound’s values while creating a personable atmosphere that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Puget Sound Dining Services is proudly owned and operated by the University of Puget Sound in collaboration with Columbia Hospitality. Food plays an important role in nourishing both students and campus life at Puget Sound. A vibrant dining experience is vital to create an environment where all campus and surrounding community members are eager to gather around the same table. Our thoughtful, professional staff is committed to serving the Puget Sound community. We are dedicated to providing nutritionally sound meals, mentoring students, providing hospitality with integrity, and leading our community in sustainable initiatives.

Whether you choose to recharge in The Diner, relax over a latte at Diversions, or grab a slice in The Cellar, we offer a dining option to fit your tastes.

The Diner
Located in the student union building, the Diner is the primary culinary hub on campus. Here students and campus community members can enjoy a wide variety of foods from different cultures daily.

Lillis Café
Located at the entrance to the Athletics and Aquatics Center. Lillis Café is staffed by students and is a place where you can enjoy coffee, made-to-order smoothies, bagel sandwiches and healthy snacks.

The Cellar and the Cellar Market
In the garden level of the Wheelock Student Center, the Cellar is a student-staffed pizza eatery. Here, you can find a quick snack, or students passing their evenings in a social setting.

The Cellar Market is located next door to the Cellar and offers students a diverse selection of food wants and needs. The Market provides a range of snack food and meal essentials such as bread, cheese, deli meats, rice, gluten free options, etc.

Diversions Café
On the main floor of the Wheelock Student Center, you will find a student staffed coffee shop that serves a variety of hot and cold drinks. Students use this space to study and chat, while visitors can use it as a meeting point or rest stop.

Oppenheimer Café
Located in the courtyard between Harned and Thompson Halls, Oppenheimer Café features freshly brewed coffee and snacks. Stop by between classes to grab a latte and a pastry.

Event Services
The University of Puget Sound plans and coordinates a wide variety of events all year round. If you are a non-profit organization looking to coordinate a conference, meeting, or other event, we can help you. We offer daytime as well as overnight accommodations for groups ranging from 25-3,500 people.

Do you want to exercise your voice in the foodservice community on campus? Use our online feedback form to evaluate our department and vital input from our most important customers—the campus community.