All items below must be reserved here:

Barbeque Grills

Dining and Event Services owns 4 large portable Charcoal Grills. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. Requests need to have a specific date, time of event, and a location that is accessible by a full size vehicle for delivery. We reserve the right to refuse delivery and cancel your reservation if the delivery site is problematic (delivery is hazardous or there is potential of property damage). 72 hours advanced notice is required to cancel the reservation without penalty. Less than 24 hours notice may be assessed a $15.00 service fee. If the event is cancelled but the reservation is not, the customer will be charged the full cost of the rental.

  • Barbeque rental costs are $46 per day, per grill (covers storage, delivery, pick up and maintenance).
  • BBQ kits are also available for rental for $13 per day and include a long-handled metal spatula, 16" tongs, lighter, potholder, cloth rag, non-latex gloves, and grill brush.
  • We can also include 2 bags of charcoal (sufficient for our large barbecues) for $53 and a can of lighter fluid for $5.
  • Only DES staff are authorized to transport the grill.
  • Grills need to be cleaned of food debris and trash after the event. If a grill is returned excessively dirty, a clean up fee of $20 will be charged. If a grill is damaged or an accessory is not returned, additional costs may be incurred. Please report any problems or accidents immediately to the catering staff.
10'x10' Pop Up Tent

Rental cost is $25 and includes setup and removal. 


Stage decks are 2ft tall and measure 6 feet x 4 feet. There are 12 total decks to accommodate different stage sizes and arrangements. Each deck rents for $23.60 and includes setup, skirting, steps, and removal. There are some locations (minimal) on campus where it is not possible to deliver staging.

Bistro/Cocktail Tables

The University has 20 bistro tables in storage. Bistro rental is $5 per table and does not include linen.

Coat Rack

There are 3 coat racks in stock. They come with 50 coat hangars. Rental cost is $10 per rack.