What’s up at Oppenheimer Café

Need a relaxing place to study and unwind between classes? Oppenheimer Café provides an open environment for students and staff to meet, grab a cup of coffee, get a bite to eat, and study. Oppenheimer Café is located in the science quad formed by Harned and Thompson Halls. The Café is staffed by university students in conjunction with the University of Puget Sound’s Dining and Event Services.

The Coffee We Serve!

Our coffee services are in partnership with Caffe Vita and are made by our fantastic staff of baristas. Caffe Vita Coffee is a Seattle-based company that emphasizes single-origin coffee and a close relationship with the communities that cultivate our wonderful coffee. We are serving organic and directly traded coffees in all our locations across campus.

Our coffee blends:


French Roast
Caffe Luna, Vita’s French Roast, redefines what a dark roast can be. Toasty but never burnt, this blend brings incredibly layered flavors within a classic dark cup.

This signature French roast blend of Central, South American and Indonesian coffees. Grown at altitudes ranging from 1500-3000 meters. Look for flavors of dark chocolate, almond, and smores.

Del Sol Espresso
From everywhere, to everywhere, for everything. The Del Sol flagship blend honors coffee’s global history by tracing the plant’s travels over amber oceans--from Ancient Ethiopia to Indonesia, and to the Americas from Europe. It’s a rich and complex story, with praline and dark chocolate plot points. And given our dedication to ethical trading, this history lesson comes with a deep, silky sweet caramel finish.

The Del Sol flagship blend is strong enough for a latte, but sensitive enough for a pour-over. You can’t be all things to all people, but you can drink this rich and complex combo of milk chocolate, caramel, and dark cherry.

Novacella Decaf

A blend of Central/South American and Indonesian coffees. Grown at altitudes ranging from 1000-2500 meters. Not to be dismissed, Vita takes great pride in maintaining a full-flavored, quality-focused decaf. Only achievable through the careful selection and layered blending, the Novacella is for those searching for flavor without the buzz.

Novacella decaf is naturally decaffeinated through a method involving ethyl acetate derived from sugar cane. This is not water processed, it’s a naturally occurring chemical derived from sugar cane used to decaffeinate the coffee.

Look for flavors of nutmeg, cocoa powder, candied orange.


Other Goodies!

In addition to our coffee, join us for our in-house made snacks, salads, and wraps. Partnering with our fine Diner team, we can produce fresh-made offerings for the campus. Our Grab & Go items include: fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt parfaits, breakfast and lunch wraps, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey and ham sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, and convenient portions of hummus, tuna salad, and chicken. In addition to a variety of teas and easy-to-grab snack items, we are also proud to partner with Marsee Baking for pastries and bagels that are made fresh daily!