Renting Space at Puget Sound

Event Room Pricing Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Room rental will be waived if your catering order meets or exceeds the room rental rate.

To inquire about renting space at the University of Puget Sound, please complete this form.


Conference/Meeting Rooms

Room Capacity Sq. Footage <4 Hours >4 Hours
Wheelock 108 - Murray Boardroom 36-52 1,038 $600.00 $1,200.00
Thomas Hall - Room 366 18 561 $300.00 $625.00
Thomas Hall - Room 381 10 336 $175.00 $375.00
Library - McCormick Room 303 20 928 $500.00 $1,000.00
Library - Misner Room 127 14 492 $250.00 $500.00
Library - 054 16 471 $250.00 $500.00
Library - 053 24 916 $500.00 $1,000.00
Library - 017 Zoom Room 20   $500.00 $1,000.00


Multipurpose Event Rooms

Room Capacity Sq. Footage <4 Hours >4 Hours
Wheelock - Rotunda 120 2,360 $1,350.00 $2,700.00
Wheelock - Upper Marshall 150 2,920 $1,600.00 $3,200.00
Thomas Hall - Tahoma Room 96-126 2,088 $1,200.00 $2,400.00
Kilworth Chapel - Sanctuary 300 2,500 $1,400.00 $2,800.00
Kilworth Chapel - Basement Lounge 80 2,090 $1,200.00 $2,400.00
Trimble Hall - Forum 60-70 1,208 $650.00 $1,300.00
Music Bldg - Schneebeck Concert Hall *Staff Labor and AV Rental Required 500 4,920 N/A $4,000.00



Room  Capacity  Sq. Footage       <4 Hours            >4 Hours
Any Classroom   10-142      Varies    $95.00-$220.00     $125.00-$275.00

Available Spaces


For a more overarching view of Puget Sound's campus, please look at our interactive campus map!

Upper Marshall Hall set up with conference tables
Conference Rooms

There are many options for conference rooms at Puget Sound! If you require one or more conference rooms for your program, please notify the Conferences Manager during your inquiry process. We will do our best to find a conference room in a convenient location for you. Please consider what Audio/Visual equipment you would require in the room, such as a projector or microphone, so those needs can be considered when making a reservation. Room rental, as well as Audio/Visual equipment, is available for overnight groups at no cost after the Facilities Use Fee.

Classroom seating with stack of books

Many classrooms throughout Puget Sound's academic buildings are available to rent during the summer. With a variety of technological capabilities and seating capacities, please communicate with the Conferences Manager about any specific needs you may have so we may best select your classrooms. Multiple classrooms may be reserved for each overnight group, all of which are included at no additional cost because of the Facilities Use Fee.

Murray Boardroom
Meeting Rooms

If you are looking for a smaller gathering space than our banquet rooms but larger than a typical conference room, Puget Sound has some options that could fulfill that need. For example, the Murray Boardroom in Wheelock Student Center is an excellent meeting space for up to 50 with an adjacent lounge that could be utilized for a break service. In addition, the Trimble Forum is a wonderful choice for a meeting of up to 80, with an especially short commute for your participants if they are staying in Trimble Hall. Please communicate with us the room capacity you require and any other preferences so that we can match you with the best available meeting space!

Tahoma room with banquet table settings
Banquet Rooms

Puget Sound's banquet rooms are beautiful options for any group, whether for a catered meal or a casual gathering of attendees. Common selections include Upper Marshall Hall or the Rasmussen Rotunda, both centrally located in Wheelock Student Center, or the Tahoma Room in Thomas Hall. Each of these rooms includes full Audio/Visual capabilities and offers a variety of seating styles. In requesting a banquet room, please be as specific as possible about the necessary room capacity, type of seating arrangement, and time of day needed so we may reserve the best possible space for you. Our banquet rooms are available for reservation for no additional charge. They include on-call technological assistance, but a labor fee may be necessary if you require a Puget Sound staff member to be physically present for the duration of your event.

Schneebeck Concert Hall
Schneebeck Concert Hall

Located adjacent to the Music Building, Schneebeck Concert Hall is a beautiful facility that offers auditorium-style seating for just under 500. This is Puget Sound's largest year-round meeting space! It includes many technological capabilities and stage options, with a staff member seeing to all of your sound needs. Due to the high cost of facility upkeep, the rental of Schneebeck typically costs an additional $150 per day for the reservation in addition to $25 for labor per hour of use.

Rausch Auditorium
Movie Theater (Rausch Auditorium)

Puget Sound's Rausch Auditorium offers theatre-style seating for 163 people in the garden level of McIntyre Hall. With full Audio/Visual capabilities, this space offers potential for many meetings, training, or events close to Wheelock Student Center. Rausch Auditorium carries no additional fee to reserve, so let us know if you think this would be a good location for you.

Kilworth Chapel interior
Kilworth Memorial Chapel

During the academic year, Kilworth Memorial Chapel is used for a myriad of lectures, meetings, memorial services, and spiritual life programs. Summer in Kilworth is typically marked by many weddings and usage by overnight groups! The sanctuary on the first floor offers pew-style seating for up to 300, the Bethel Schneebeck Organ, a grand piano, and audio/visual capabilities overseen by Puget Sound staff. This is our second largest year-round meeting space at Puget Sound, which could be an excellent fit for your group. On the ground level, the Kilworth Lounge offers space for 100 seated or 175 standing, also complete with audio/visual capabilities. Reservation of Kilworth Memorial Chapel is available at no additional charge. Still, a labor fee of $25 per hour may be incurred if you require using the sound system in the sanctuary.

People playing sports on the Todd Field
Fields and Green Spaces

Puget Sound has a great deal of green space that could be perfect for your outdoor summer activity! While sunshine is never guaranteed in the Pacific Northwest, summer months at Puget Sound are generally a great time to be outside. Whether it's for a barbecue, field games, a sports camp, or anything in-between, our grass is beautifully maintained by our Grounds Team and ready for you to enjoy.

Green spaces that are non-athletic, such as Todd Field, the Event Lawn, or Karlan Quadrangle, are available to reserve at no additional cost! We are more than happy to deliver tables and chairs for your use in the green space, as well. Athletic fields such as Lower Baker, Upper Baker, and East Field are all subject to a $1 per person, per day Athletics Use Fee. When discussing spaces with the Conferences Manager, please communicate whether you have a preference between athletic and non-athletic green space!

Memorial Fieldhouse building
Memorial Fieldhouse

Whether your participants are hoping to sneak in a workout between training sessions or you want to lead a dance class with youth, the newly renovated Memorial Fieldhouse offers athletic options! Individual guests are welcome to utilize the Fitness Center during its open hours at no additional charge. For exclusive rental of the Dance Studio or Warner Gym (in a separate building, but popular as a weather-alternate space), there is an Athletics Use Fee of $1 per person per day. The rental of the Memorial Fieldhouse's main gym floor carries separate rates, so please inquire for details.

Tennis courts in the pavilion
Tennis Pavilion

Puget Sound has an indoor Tennis Pavilion with six courts! This facility can be rented as a tennis space, but a popular summer option is to take down some of the tennis nets and roll carpet over the courts to serve as an indoor weather alternate to field space.

Individual guests are welcome to play tennis at no additional charge if courts are available and the facility is open. However, the Tennis Pavilion's exclusive rental would require payment of the Athletics Facilities Use Fee (an additional $1 per person per day) and $1,000 for carpet installation and removal due to the increased cost of upkeep with use. In addition, if your program requires the use of the Tennis Pavilion after the Athletics & Aquatics Center has closed for the day, an additional fee of approximately $25 per hour for labor may be required.

View over the Wallace Pool and building interior
Wallace Pool

As part of the Athletics & Aquatics Center in the newly renovated Memorial Fieldhouse, Wallace Pool offers guests the opportunity to take a relaxing swim during the summer months. The pool features eight 25-yard lanes that are each eight feet wide. There is a moveable bulkhead, plus three warm-up lanes for instruction, rehabilitation, and therapy. Wallace Pool has permanent seating for nearly 400 spectators!

If you have participants that would like to swim individually during your program, they are welcome to use the facility during open hours at no additional charge. However, exclusive rental of Wallace Pool would require payment of the Athletics Facilities Use Fee (an additional $1 per person per day). Also, a charge of approximately $50 per hour for lifeguards may be necessary.