The University of Puget Sound utilizes a web-based scheduling program created specifically for colleges and universities’ reservation needs to act as the exclusive room reservation system. It is used campus-wide to request academic and non-academic purposes across campus, including classes, exams, meetings, and conferences.

The purpose of this scheduling program include:

  • To allow event and academic schedulers to search and schedule resources within a single system.
  • Maximize coordination with auxiliary offices.
  • Improve utilization of university spaces.
  • Develop and communicate overarching framework, policies, and protocols regarding space reservation/use and event/meeting services.
  • Provide a central clearinghouse and information resource for meeting and event scheduling and streamline the process for requestors and departments that provide meeting/event support services.
  • Improve service and response time to space requestors and maximize coordination with offices responsible for the bookable spaces.
  • Prevent space request bottlenecks and conflicts.
  • Support safety and emergency management.

If you are a member of the campus community and you'd like to hold an event, please reserve your room in 25live.



How to create an Event using Express Scheduling


How to view a Location, its Features, and availability


Submitting an event using the Event Form


How to cancel an event


Navigating 25Live


For questions or help, please email: with your Event ID.