The Cellar is the University of Puget Sound’s late-night pizza joint. From dinner to a late-night snack, The Cellar has students and the campus community covered! We serve everything from pizza and ice cream to sandwiches and bruschetta! Located in the basement of Wheelock Student Center, The Cellar offers a student-run dining experience.

The Cellar

The Cellar Menu

The Cellar is best known for its pizza but has a wide variety of options available. We serve ice cream, smoothies, subs, and quesadillas as just part of our selection. You can either make your own pizza or choose from our menu of tasty favorites!

The Cellar Market

Adjacent to The Cellar, in the basement of Wheelock Student Center, The Cellar Market is a campus store for student's diverse food wants and needs. The Cellar Market provides a range of snack food for students and meal essentials such as bread, cheese, deli meats, rice, etc. So regardless if a student is looking to make a meal or get a snack, The Cellar Market will have them covered.


The Cellar has remained a campus tradition dating back as far as 1976 and has undergone numerous changes since then. Once named Cellar “X,” this restaurant began as a sandwich shop for students before it was quickly contracted to the Antique Sandwich Company (located on Pearl Street) for a year to make necessary improvements on food quality.

Throughout this time, The Cellar, located where the bookstore currently is, remained an exciting and active hangout for the campus community to enjoy. The restaurant featured shuffleboard tile floors, pinball machines, and live music from local bands. In 2000, The Cellar moved to its current location and switched to DCS hands. Embracing its historical origins, The Cellar now features old photographs and memorabilia to preserve the rich and colorful traditions at the University of Puget Sound. Throughout these changes, The Cellar has maintained its commitment to offering food and social services to the campus.