Lillis will be taking a break this summer see you in the fall!

Lillis will be taking a break this summer see you in the fall!

Lillis Café

The Lillis Café is the perfect place for students, staff and faculty to grab a cup of coffee, get a freshly made bagel sandwich, or enjoy a delicious made to order smoothie after a work-out or as lunch on the go. The Lillis Café is located at the entrance of the Athletics & Aquatics Center. It is staffed by university students in collaboration with University of Puget Sound’s Dining and Conference Services.


House made smoothies are made using quality fresh frozen fruits and a variety of boosters and healthy add ins including

  • Protein supplements
  • Alternative milk options
  • Chia seeds
  • Kale (from the Puget Sound garden when in season)
  • Peanut butter

These are just a few of the options that we provide!


The Lillis Café offers a range of options for bagels and bagel sandwiches. To make your own there is a wide range of bagels, toppings, and smears to choose from to make the perfect bagel for you! The Lillis Café also has a roatating seasonal menu of specialty bagel sandwiches created by its staff that serve as a tasty lunch or snack.


Our specialty coffee is roasted locally by Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a Portland based company that emphasizes single-origin coffee and a close sourcing relationship with the communities and farmers that cultivate coffee around various growing regions. University of Puget Sound’s Dining Services receives fresh roasted coffee each week from the Seattle-area roasting headquarters in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. We are serving organic and directly traded coffees in all our locations across campus.

Our coffee blends:

French Roast
Big aromas of dark chocolate and clove live in this rich, full-bodied cup.

Trapper Creek Decaf
Stumptown’s sourced beans represented by the three main growing regions; Latin America, Indonesia and east Africa. Using the Swiss Water method, this is the only organic way to remove caffeine.