Campus Climate Survey

This page is currently under revision as we prepare for the 2018 Campus Climate Survey. Please check back soon for more information.

2017-2018 Diversity Advisory Council (DAC)

Michael Benitez, Dean of Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer (Chair)
Alanna Johnson, Assistant Director for Assessment, Institutional Research and Retention
Grace Livingston, Associate Professor, African American Studies
Brittney Jackson, Assistant Director, Admissions
Jada Pelger '96, Information Resources Coordinator, Collins Memorial Library
Peggy Perno, Director, Student Accessibility and Accommodations
Ellen Peters, Director, Institutional Research and Retention
Tiffany D Davis, Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Joseph Colon '10, Access Programs Coordinator
Roy Robinson, Director of International Programs (currently abroad)
Janice Jackson-Haley, Director of Human Resources
Allison Cannady-Smith, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Chad H Gunderson, Assistant Professor, Art and Art History
Dave Wright '96, University Chaplain and Director, Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement
Katy Curtis, Humanities Librarian, Library Administration
Vivie Nguyen, Director of Intercultural Engagement, Office of Intercultural Engagement
Carolyn Weisz, Professor, Psychology
Rashad Norris '99, Alumni Representative
Sarah L Lee '94, Alumni Representative
Amanda Díaz '18, Student Representative and ASUPS President
Monica Schweitz '20, Student Representative

Prior Years Reports

2012 Preliminary Report
October 2013: Campus Climate and Gender (Gender Report, campus access only)
November 2013: Campus Climate and Religion (Religion Report, campus access only)
February 2014: Campus Climate and Socioeconomic Status (Socioeconomic Status Report, campus access only)
March 2014: Campus Climate and Political Beliefs (Political Beliefs Report, campus access only)
April 2014: Campus Climate and Race and Ethnicity (Race and Ethnicity Report, campus access only)