Puget Sound has implemented an early alert system to support students at risk for academic difficulty and attrition. Areas of academic concern may include:

  • Numerous absences on the student's part
  • Inadequate class preparation/homework
  • Missing assignments/exams
  • Late assignments

Other areas of concern, which impact academic performance, maybe learning problems, financial problems, personal or family problems, or serious medical conditions.

If you have concerns about a student, please log into your myPugetSound account and click on the Teaching menu item (for your class roster), the Advising menu item (for your advisees), or the Campus Operations menu item (for any other student). There is a Student Alert tab under each section. Staff members may access the student alert form under Campus Operations. Upon receiving an alert form, a Student Alert Group member will contact the student to provide support and intervention and/or make an appropriate referral. Kariann Lee, Assistant Director of Academic Advising, will intervene in more serious cases. Feel free to send an email to Kariann Lee or Joy Kiefer if you have additional questions.