Career and Employment Services provides comprehensive resources and advising for students at every point in their career development journey: employment (on- and off-campus, part-time, summer, full-time, work-study), internships, career exploration, job search skills and more.

In strategic partnerships with alumni, employers, faculty and staff, the CES team provides a broad range of career engagement services, coordinates and authorizes all student employment programs including hiring on campus, and manages employer recruitment efforts for all disciplines.

In March, CES will contact you regarding student employment allocation activities for campus jobs associated with your department. CES also sends periodic e-mail messages with updates on student employment issues. Visit the Student Employment Activities Calendar and Campus Supervisors pages for more information.

You are uniquely positioned to support students’ career development. Encourage your faculty to:

  1. Promote CES resources and events to students to help them utilize valuable career development resources early on. In surveys of Puget Sound graduates, they often comment that they wish they’d started using the available career services and resources earlier.
  2. Peruse the CES Resources for Faculty page so that you're familiar with those tools and how they might be useful to you as you advise students. Note: The resource menu was previously accessed via Cascade—use your Puget Sound username and password to log in to the new menu.
  3. Support the CES Senior Destination Survey.
  4. Help build alumni connections for your students by encouraging alumni from your department to join the ASK Network at
  5. Help get jobs and internships in front of students by inviting employers to post opportunities at



Refer students to CES when they have questions about:

Additional career development resources:

Job and Internship Resources

CES has resources for students seeking all types of work and internship experiences. Opportunities are available on and off-campus in part-time, full-time, temporary, and summer positions. Resources for identifying local and national internships, whether they be for-credit, not-for-credit, paid or unpaid opportunities are also available. Encourage students to start their search at CES with these resources:

  • Assistance with search preparation includes resume and cover letter and LinkedIn critiques, interviewing tips, and job/internship search techniques.
  • Jobs and internships: Handshake lists all opportunities, whether they be job or internship; on campus, local, regional, national, or international; part-time, full-time, temporary, or seasonal.
  • Career Fairs bring to campus employers with a variety of opportunities. Part-time, full-time, and seasonal jobs and internships are available. All students are encouraged to attend.

Exploring Career Options

Whether a student is just beginning to evaluate interests, is ready to investigate career fields, or is prepared to research organizations and conduct a full-scale search, CES has resources at every point of their decision-making process. 

  • Individualized career advising (including daily drop-in hours), Career Resource Library books, and Career Cruising self-guided web assessment tools and occupation profiles help students discover career options.
  • Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network features Puget Sound alumni who have volunteered to be information resources for students interested in connecting with professionals in specific fields.

Career Engagement Online

At students can find a wealth of career-related resources, and connections to the password-protected resources listed here:

Career-Related Coursework

Students have several options to gain insight to their career development process through academic work.

  • Academic Internships (497 & 498) provide the context to reflect on concrete experiences at an off-campus internship site and to link these experiences related to academic study. The aim is to integrate study in the liberal arts with issues and themes surrounding the pursuit of a creative, productive, and satisfying professional life. The emphasis for this course is the complementary academic coursework which is framed by the off-campus fieldwork experience at the internship site.
  • Co-Operative Education (COOP 499—Activity credit) is most commonly pursued as a “parallel placement” (undertaken while a student is enrolled in full-time coursework) rather than in the traditional sense (where students alternate semesters of on-campus student with academically-related off-campus experience). Students utilize their off-campus experience to gain pre-professional experience and a head start on their career objectives while still in school. The emphasis for this course is the off-campus, on-site experience and learning.
  • Career Awareness Course (CRDV 203) is designed by CES to teach and cultivate skills in the life-long process of career planning. Students engage in self-exploration as a foundation for decision-making and the career development process prior to developing the tools and action plan for a job or internship search.

Career Events

Faculty are always welcome to attend CES events—your participation provides students with a model of networking and helps them recognize the value of meeting alumni and employers in person. One event where this is especially true is Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Night.

ASK Night is an opportunity for students and alumni to gather to talk informally about career fields, classes, graduate school, internships, volunteer associations, and other experiences during and beyond Puget Sound. Alumni are eager to connect with students, offering advice on a range of topics, and sharing how their lives are enriched through their liberal arts education. You can help students connect with alumni from your department by encouraging alumni to attend.

In addition to hosting large-scale events such as ASK Night, career fairs, and resume workshops, CES partners with academic departments to create targeted programming. The Career Events page lists career-related events occurring on campus, including employers recruiting for jobs and internships.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with faculty members on events. Please contact us if you have suggestions or would like to be more involved in CES events. Also, we’ll gladly assist with your department’s career-related events, helping to promote or co-host your own career and alumni events. Additionally, we’re available to visit your classroom to present on career topics relevant to your syllabus. Just let us know how we can help!