Why connect with alumni?

Because you have Puget Sound in common, you have a natural connection... alumni have been where you are, and they're often interested in where you're headed. Take every opportunity to network with and learn from Puget Sound alumni.

Alumni can be your best resource for exploring career options, and for getting an insiders' perspective on various industries and organizations.

Join Logger Link to connect with Puget Sound alumni who've opted in to help support student's career development!

  • Interact with alumni on a platform that is designed with Logger-to-Logger connections in mind.
  • Ask career-related questions.
  • Find mentors.
  • Build your network.

Attend campus events featuring alumni to:

  • Make contacts with professionals in a wide variety of careers.
  • Hear what others have done with their liberal arts education.
  • Seek advice from alumni about classes, jobs, grad school, transitioning from college, etc.

Watch Future Heights panels and ASK a Logger Q&A videos
Puget Sound alumni pursue a wide range of careers. Learn about different career paths through these alumni spotlights.

Use the LinkedIn alumni tool to research alumni career paths