Career and Employment Services (CES) provides comprehensive resources and advising for students at every point in their career development journey: employment (on- and off-campus, part-time, summer, full-time, work-study), internships, career exploration, job search skills and more.

Students report that faculty members are among their most important points of contact for information about identifying career possibilities.

As an early influencer, you have the opportunity to shape student expectations of career development by helping them recognize that it's a process they can begin now. Students who begin to evaluate their interests, research options, and use CES resources early on will be better prepared to conduct a successful post-graduation job search. Your support is key.

What else can you do to support students' career development?

  1. Promote CES resources and events to students to help them utilize valuable career development resources early on. In surveys of Puget Sound graduates, they often comment that they wish they’d started using the available career services and resources earlier. (Subscribe to the C3 newsletter to keep tabs on what's happening in CES.)
  2. Peruse the CES Resources for Faculty page so that you're familiar with those tools and how they might be useful to you as you advise students. Note: Use your Puget Sound username and password to log in.
  3. Help build alumni connections for your students by encouraging alumni from your department to join Logger Link.
  4. Help get jobs and internships in front of students by inviting employers to post opportunities at