Do you have student staff members who are working/studying remotely? Here are resources to support them from afar.

Clearly defined expectations, timely feedback, and opportunities for professional development are essential to the mutual success of student staff members and supervisors. Career and Employment Services (CES) supports this win-win relationship with resources to help you Prepare, Connect & Mentor, and Recognize your student staff members. Preparing, Connecting, and Recognizing enhances the student employment experience, improves job performance and motivation, and prepares students for future career success:


Know your supervisor roles & responsibilities

Familiarize yourself with the timelines for Student Employment Activities

Interview smartly: Interviewing Strategies

Prepare for your student staff members to start their employment: Orientation Checklist

Train your student staff members so they are prepared for success

  • Point students to the Resources for Student Staff Members
  • Ensure they are aware of their Student Employment Responsibilities and Procedures
  • Provide a written job description and follow up with verbal instructions on typical duties. A well-written job description can set the stage for a smooth and efficient work experience and provide a format for training and evaluation.
  • Explain office policies and procedures (including dress code, process if a student must be absent, and other expectations). Share when and how work performance will be evaluated.
  • For more suggestions, review the Orientation Checklist and feel free to reach out directly to the Assistant Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development ( to discuss development of your orientation and training plan.

Use Compass Puget Sound conversations to help your students reflect and connect their employment experiences with life, classroom, and career

Connect with your student staff members through Conversation Starters

Be available as a mentor to students and refer them to Career Development Resources they need.

You are an important part of the professional networks your student staff members are building. You can connect them with and introduce them to other professionals you know in their field of interest—to help each student expand their network through Informational Interviews.


Celebrate success throughout the year and during Student Employment Month

Acknowledge student staff members' contributions: Recognition ideas

Prepare to describe student staff member's contributions to others: Tips for serving as a Reference



Attention to the details and deadlines associated with campus recruiting and payroll is an important aspect of overseeing student staff members. The following tools can help you meet the administrative expectations of your supervisory role.


  • Payroll
    Mark your calendar! Students are paid twice per month. Note the dates highlighted in purple—these are the deadlines to verify and approve your student staff members' timecards.

  • PeopleSoft Timekeeping

  • Hiring Manager Guide to the Interview Evaluation

  • Student Job and Earnings
    View vital information about student staff members. Once a student completes the PeopleSoft HR hiring process, information about their on-campus position becomes available on the Student Job and Earnings page. The current version of the page is viewable by Hiring Managers (Primary Supervisors) and the student staff member's Timesheet Approver.

    • To access Student Job & Earnings, log into myPugetSound. Select HR - Manager Self Service > Student Job & Earnings.

    • Use this tool to monitor earnings and ensure students do not exceed their maximum Earnings Limit. When the Earnings Limit is reached, authorization to continue working in the position ends, even if the job duration has not expired.

  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention
    Student staff members have access to this training course through their myPugetSound HR-Self Service menu. All new student staff members need to complete the training as part of their work. Returning/continuing students do not need to re-complete the course if they’ve done so already, whether in your or a previous campus department. Certificates of completion for all current student staff members should be retained for the duration of employment in your department files.


  • Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
    Supervisors of student positions that involve access to confidential information need to have those student staff members read and sign a "Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement" to ensure that they have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The forms signed by student staff members should be retained in your departmental files.
  • Campus Job Description Form
    When building a new job description or creating a new position, please collaborate with the Assistant Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development— Use this questionnaire to gather accurate, current job description information.