An internship is an opportunity to test a potential career field and to gain career-related experience in an area of interest.

Interns infuse new talent, ideas, and creative energy into an off-campus organization while developing meaningful professional relationships and new skills. 

As an intern, you bring value to the internship organization, and we expect that the organization is invested in your career exploration and professional development.

A mutually beneficial, career-related experience will situate your education at the center of the internship, allow you to make a meaningful contribution to the organization, and provide an experience where you receive regular and on-going feedback, coaching, and mentoring.

You may elect to pursue your internship (paid or unpaid) for academic credit. See the Pursuing Internships for Credit section below for details.

Benefits on an internship:

  • Develop professional relationships and build your network.
  • Apply what you have learned in your major/Puget Sound to real-life scenarios.
  • Learn which working environments are ones where you thrive or don't thrive.