The following resources are available in Career and Employment Services (CES) to assist you with your search.

For more information, call CES at 253.879.3161 or visit Howarth Hall, Room 101. And remember that CES staff members are available to consult with you about your part-time job search.

Employment in the local community

A primary resource for Puget Sound students to find off-campus employment is the Handshake database. Handshake features part-time, summer, and temporary jobs alongside full-time employment. Opportunities include positions posted by neighborhood families (movers, baby sitters, house sitters, etc.) and local employers offering regular part-time employment.

University Work-Study Employment (on-campus)

Currently-enrolled students may apply for any University Work-Study jobs that are available on campus. Hiring is often competitive for the limited number of vacant positions. Openings (part-time, temporary, and seasonal) are posted in Handshake as they become available.

Tip: Set up a Job Alert in Handshake to be notified when on-campus jobs are posted! Need help with this feature? Drop by CES for a demonstration.

Positions that most often become available include roles in: Dining & Conference Services, Facilities Services, Security Services, and jobs as Campus Visit Assistants, and Phonathon Callers. Most on-campus jobs are posted at the beginning of fall semester, in early November for spring term vacancies, and mid-March through late May for summer vacancies.

*To expand your summer opportunities, apply for Summer Federal and State Work-Study (FWS and SWS) Employment. Even if you're not eligible for FWS/SWS during the academic year, you might be eligible for the summer program! Application materials are available from Student Financial Services in January and due by March 31.

Federal and State Work-Study Employment (on- and off-campus)

Eligible students may pursue employment through the federally-funded and state-funded work-study programs for the academic year and/or summer. Eligibility is based on financial need and is determined through an application process with Student Financial Services. After a Federal or State Work-Study award is made, CES staff members are responsible for referring eligible students to positions on campus, or helping to arrange off-campus work-study jobs.