How TO: Join ASK on LinkedIn!

Remember trying to decide what career path to pursue, or whether to attend graduate school? Recall apartment hunting or job searching in a new city? Share your experience—and lessons learned—with current students. Whether you graduated months or years ago, you have a valuable perspective to share. Join ASK today!

What is the ASK Network?
What do ASK volunteers do?
How do I join ASK on LinkedIn?
How else can I support students' career development?
ASK Network FAQs

What is the ASK Network?
The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network is a community of Puget Sound graduates who have volunteered to share information with students and alumni about career paths, postgraduate studies, and transitioning to life after Puget Sound. Please visit the FAQ page for additional information.

What do ASK volunteers do?
ASK volunteers provide information about their career and graduate school experience through their LinkedIn profile. The most common way that students interact with ASK volunteers is through passive surfing—viewing alumni profiles to gather information about potential career paths. Simply by being a part of the group, you are serving as an important career development resource for students!

Beyond keeping your profile up to date, you can choose how you participate. You're welcome to post to the group can share relevant news articles and advice about your field, start and join discussions, and provide information about pathways into careers.

Regarding inquiries, your level of interaction is negotiable between you and the requestor. Queries may include:

  • Logger students and recent grads seeking information and advice about your career, employer, graduate school, geographic location, or transitioning to life after Puget Sound. What else might I expect from students?
  • Campus faculty or staff members seeking your insight as they advise students about career and graduate school options, or inviting you to participate in career-related events.
  • Loggers sending you invitations to join their LinkedIn network.

How do I join the ASK Network group on LinkedIn?

Visit the University of Puget Sound ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) group page and click “Join” or “+” (on mobile/tablet) to request membership. Once approved, you'll receive a welcome message via email.

New to LinkedIn? LinkedIn offers a robust Help Center which provides brief answers to commonly asked questions. You may also be interested in LinkedIn webinars on topics including Creating an Online Presence on LinkedIn and Engaging with your LinkedIn Network.

Beyond joining the ASK Network, how can I support students' career development?
Plan to attend ASK Night to meet students and help them practice networking in a Logger-friendly environment. Check out the ASK Toolkit for additional actions you can take to support students' career development.